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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the slope if the equation is y equals 20x plus 40?
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-20x 5y equals 40 changed to slope-intercept form?

If the equation is -20x-5y=40 then the answer is -5y=20x+40 which equals y=-4x-8 If the equation is -20x+5y=40 then the answer is 5y=20x+40 which equals y=4x+8

How do you turn 20x plus 80y equals 0 into slope intercept form?

If: 20x+80y = 0 Then: 80y = -20x And: y = -0.25x So the slope is -0.25 and it has no y intercept

What is the slope of a line perpendicular to the line whose equation is 20x plus 12y equals 2012?

20x+12y = 2012 12y = -20x+2012 y = -5/3x+503/3 Therefore the perpendicular slope is the positive reciprocal -5/3 which is 3/5

Solve equation 20x plus 27 equals 143?

Improved Answer:-If: 20x+27 = 143Then: x = 5.8

What is 20x plus 80y equals 0 in y equals mx plus b?

20x + 80y = 0Subtract 20x from each side of the equation:80y = -20xDivide each side by 80:y = -1/4 xm = -1/4b = 0

What is the slope of the line 20x - 10y equals 32?


Equation 2x plus 5 equals 25 for x?

2x + 5 = 25 2x = 20x = 10

What is the solution to this equation -20x equals -300?


Is 4x plus 5c plus 10c-3x equals 0a quadratic equation?

NO,because in quadratic equation highest power of a variable is 2. e.x. 4x2-20x+10=0.

What is the value of x if 2x plus 20x equals 111452?

2x + 20x = 111,45222x = 111,452x = 5,066

Y plus x equals 9 10y plus 20x equals 100?

y + x = 9 10y + 20x = 100 This is a basic linear system of equalities. We can start by rewriting the first equation as: -10y - 10x = -90 by multiplying the equation by -10, from here we can eliminate y and solve for x (-10y - 10x = -90) + (10y + 20x = 100) = (10x = 10) This yields x = 1, and by plugging x into the first equation y = 8

What is the point of intersection of the parabolas y equals x2 plus 20x plus 100 and y equals x2 -20x plus 100 showing work?

If: y = x2+20x+100 and x2-20x+100 Then: x2+20x+100 = x2-20x+100 So: 40x = 0 => x = 0 When x = 0 then y = 100 Therefore point of intersection: (0, 100)

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