What is the slope of yx?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Because you did not supply the image, we cannot see the symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "equals".

The question is about "yx" which is not a mapping and so does not have a slope.

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Q: What is the slope of yx?
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What is the slope of the equation yx-1?

There isn't any. " yx-1 " is not an equation.

What is the value of 24/yx?

24/yx there isn't an = sign

ZW ll YX what does this mean?

ZW is parallel to YX.

What is the x-intercept of the graph of yx-3?

yx-3 is not an equation, and it has no graph.

When was Smalltalk YX created?

Smalltalk YX was created on 2007-07-02.

What is the equation of a line that is parallel to yx plus 2?

If you mean y = x+2 then the equation of y = x+4 is parallel to it because they both have the same slope but with different y intercepts

Is xy and yx equivalent?

When they are scalar, xy and yx are equivalent. When they are vectors or matrices, they are not equivalent.

When comparing the graphs of y equals x and yx what is the difference in graphs?

y = x is a straight line through the origin, with a slope of 45 degrees (going from bottom left to top right).y = yx comprises two lines:y = 0 which is the x axis, andx = 1, which is a line parallel to the y axis, and at a distance 1 to its right.

When is it necessary to add the exponents?

When you are multiplying the numbers. For example, yx multiplied by yz is equal to yx+z

Is line xy the same as yx?

Yes, xy is the same as yx, but should always be written as xy.

What is the answer to yx-5 if y is 0?

If y = 0 then yx - 5 = 0*x - 5 = 0 - 5 = -5

What is yx-4?