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In the U.S. single phase at 200 amps is average.

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Q: What is the standard entrance phase and amp to a house?
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What size service entrance conductors for 400 amp single phase service?

400 kcmil in copper.

Is total amp load on a 3 phase supply divided by 3?

A 3 phase 20 amp electrical appliance uses 20 amps per phase. Not 6.6 amp!

Can a standard 40 amp 208-240 volt single phase oven be wired to a 240 volt three phase circuit without using a transformer?

See Discussion Page

What cable for 200 amp Service Entrance Cable?

200 amp service entrance wire should be AWG # 2/0 copper or 4/0 aluminum.

How many 50 amp single phase breakers can you install on 1 phase of a three phase 200 amp panel?

simply four but also aplying diversity they may be increased depending on situation

How many amps on 3 phase 225 amp panelboard each phase?

It means 225 amps on each phase.

What will be the cable size for 80 amp load if the phase to phase voltage is 380 volts 3 phase?

#4 thhn wire

How big of a generator do you need to run 100 amp house?

The formula you are looking for is Watts = Amps x volts = 100 x 240 = 24000 or 24 KVA x pf. The most likely single phase generator would be 25kW as it is a standard size.

What amp alternator is standard for a 92 Chevy conversion van?

100 or 105 amp.

What are the standard size safety switches up to 600 Amp?

30,60,100,200,400 and 600 amp

What cable for 150 amp Service Entrance Cable?

Cable 2/0

How Can you hook up a 3 phase welder to your 200 amp house service?

No. Three phase service is something that you would need to request from your power company. You'd need to not only have service, you also need to have an electrician run 3 phase service into your home.

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