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(5-8)+(1-11) 5-8+1-11 6-19 -13

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Q: What is the sum of the complex numbers 5-8 plus 1-11?
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What is the sum of 111 plus 444?

111 + 444 = 555

Find three consecutive numbers that have a sum of 111?

36 + 37 + 38 = 111

What are all of the numbers that are odd three digit numbers with a digit sum of 3?

111 and 201

What are three consecutive numbers whose sum is 111?

The numbers are 36, 37 and 38.

The sum of two complex numbers is always a complex number?

A "complex number" is a number of the form a+bi, where a and b are both real numbers and i is the principal square root of -1. Since b can be equal to 0, you see that the real numbers are a subset of the complex numbers. Similarly, since a can be zero, the imaginary numbers are a subset of the complex numbers. So let's take two complex numbers: a+bi and c+di (where a, b, c, and d are real). We add them together and we get: (a+c) + (b+d)i The sum of two real numbers is always real, so a+c is a real number and b+d is a real number, so the sum of two complex numbers is a complex number. What you may really be wondering is whether the sum of two non-real complex numbers can ever be a real number. The answer is yes: (3+2i) + (5-2i) = 8. In fact, the complex numbers form an algebraic field. The sum, difference, product, and quotient of any two complex numbers (except division by 0) is a complex number (keeping in mind the special case that both real and imaginary numbers are a subset of the complex numbers).

What is the sum of three consecutive odd numbers that equal 111?


What 3 prime numbers have the sum of 111?

31, 37, and 43

What are three consecutive numbers with a sum of 111?

36, 37, 38 36+37+38=111

Find two numbers whose sum is 111 and difference is 25?

The two numbers are 43 and 68. 43 + 68 = 111, while 68 - 43 = 25

If the sum of four numbers is 444 what is the average of the four numbers?

111 is the average, as you would divide 444 by 4.

How many digits might be in the sum of two 3 digit numbers?

three (111 + 111 = 222) or four (999 + 999 = 1998)

How can you determine weather a sum of severals numbers such as 13 plus 45 plus 24 plus 17 is even or odd?

Count how many of the numbers are odd. If an odd number of them are odd, then their sum is odd. If an even number of them are odd, then their sum is even.

What are three consecutive odd integers whose sum is 111?

The numbers are 35, 37 and 39.

What are two numbers that have the product of 30 and the sum of 9?

According to Wolfram Alpha, (1/2) (9 plus or minus i times the square root of 39) Since these numbers are complex, it means there is no solution with real numbers for this problem.

What is 74 plus 6?

The sum of 74 plus 6 is a total of 80. Sum is the result you get when adding two numbers together.

What three consecutive odd numbers that have the sum of 339?

average is 113 so 111, 113 and 115

If 1 plus 3 plus 5 plus 7 plus 9 plus 11 plus 13 plus 15 plus 17 plus 19 equals 100 then choose five numbers from this such that sum of them is 50?

Impossible. They are all odd numbers. The sum of 5 odd numbers is also an odd number and cannot therefore total 50.

What is the digital root of 1 plus 11 plus 111 plus 1111.?

DR of sum = DR(1+2+3+4) = DR(10) = 1

Is it possible to factor x2 plus 6x plus 18?

The question is equivalent to asking if there are two numbers whose sum is 6 (the coefficient of x) and whose product is 18 (the constant term). Since there are no such real numbers, the answer is NO. There is a solution in the complex domain but the normal context for such questions is the real numbers.

What is triangular inequality of complex number?

The absolute value of the sum of two complex numbers is less than or equal to the sum of their absolute values.

What is the answer to Write the sum of the numbers as the product of their GCF and another sum numbers are 27 plus 18120 plus 6 and 9 plus 35?

The set of numbers given are not suited for this since 9 and 35 are co-prime so that the GCF of the given set of numbers is 1. Using a GCF of 1 does not help.

What is the sum of binary numbers 10111 plus 101111?

It is 1000110.

Write a program in c plus plus for finding the sum of first 10 even numbers?

int i, sum = 0; for (i=0; i<20; i+=2) sum+=i;

How do you add more than two numbers in C plus plus?

sum = a + b + c;

What is sum of the following1 plus 2 plus 4 plus 8 plus 16 plus?

The sum of the numbers given is 31. 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + ... + 2n = 2n+1 - 1