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47 + 74 = 121

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Q: What is the sum of the greatest prime number less than 50 and the same number with the digits reversed?
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What is the greatest 2 digit prime number that each of the 2 digits are prime and the 2 digits sum is prime as well?

The number is 23.

How long is the worlds greatest prime number?

As of 2013, 17,425,170 digits.

What would be the remainder left if the greatest prime number of 3 digits is divided by the smallest prime number?

The answer is 1. The smallest prime is 2 and the greatest prime (of however many digits) must be odd. The remainder of ANY odd number when divided by 2 must be 1.

What are reversed prime numbers?

Prime numbers that are still prime after their digits are reversed, like (13,31)(17,71)(37,73)(79,97)(107,701)(113,311)

What prime numbers are still prime when their digits are reversed?

one is 17 and 71, another one is 11,

What is a prime number with identical digits?

A prime number with identical digits is 11.

What is a mirror prime number and do both numbers have to be prime in the answer and what are the mirror primes from 1-100?

Mirror primes are pairs of prime numbers whose digits are reversed. (13,31)(17,71)(37,73)(79,97)

What prime numbers are still prime numbers when their digits are reversed?

Some of them are: 11 13 17 37 and 79

A prime number with two identical digits?

The number 11 is prime and has two identical digits.

Which prime numbers less than 100 are also prime numbers when their digits are reversed?

13,31 17,71 37,73 79,97

Which is the greatest prime number?

There is no greatest prime number.

What is the greatest prime number 8243?

8243 is a prime number, but there is no greatest prime number.