What is the symbol for negative?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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It is a dash (-) before the absolute value of the integer.

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Q: What is the symbol for negative?
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What is a symbol used for negative integers is?

The symbol used for a negative is a minus Sign

Where are negative and positive posts on a Pontiac aztek battery?

Positive is usually indicated by the color red or by a "+" symbol. Negative is indicated by black or by a "-" symbol.

What does the greater than symbol look like?

The greater than symbol is > Example: -5 negative is greater than -10 negative -5 > -10

Negative symbol for pregnanc y?

Negative (minus) means that you are most likely not pregnant.

How do you write a negative decimal as a fraction?

just have the fraction be negative(do this by putting the negative symbol on the denominator, numerator or before the fraction).

Where does the dollar sign go for a negative number?

It goes after the negative symbol. For instance, if you have negative four dollars, you would write it as such:-$4.00

What is the chemical symbol and its charge for oxygen?

The chemical symbol for oxygen is "O" and it typically has a charge of -2.

What is the quotient symbol of 2 negative numbers divided?


A negative number is written with what symbol before it?

Minus Sign

What is the symbol for negative charge?

- minus for example negative5 is -5

What is the symbol for WisdomTree Barclays US Aggregate Bond Negative Duration Fund in NASDAQ?

The symbol for WisdomTree Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Negative Duration Fund in NASDAQ is: AGND.

Identify chemical symbol and charge for hydrogen?

Hydrogen is identified with a 'H' symbol and if dissolved in water it have a negative charge