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Q: What is the time if the hour hand and the minute hand is on between 1 and 2?
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What is the time when the minute hand is at 9 and the hour hand is between 10 and 11?

Then it is a quarter to 11. Or 10:45.

How many times do the hour and the minute hands cross in a 12 hour period of time?

eleven times If you start at 12:05, the minute hand passes the hour hand once between 1:00 and 2:00, once between 2:00 and 3:00, and so on through the 10:00 hour. After 10:54, the next time the minute hand passes the hour hand is 12:00.

If you reflect the hands of one o clock across a line from 9 to 3 what time will it show?

The minute hand will be on the 6 and the hour hand on the 5. This is is somewhat like 5:30, but at 5:30, the minute hand would still point to the six but the hour hand would be midway between the 5 and 6. There is no time when the hour hand is on the 5 and the minute hand on the 6.

If the big hand is on the 50 and small hand is on the 30 what time is it?

50 is 10 minutes before the hour while 30 is the 6th hour. Thus it represents 10 minutes to 6, or 5:50 (am or pm). However, the hour hand cannot be on the 6th hour if the minute hand is on the 50th minute. The hour hand would have to be exactly 5/6ths of the distance between the 5th and 6th hour at 5:50. If it were on the 6th hour at 5:50, by the the time the minute hand reached the hour, the hour hand will have travelled a further 1/6th of the distance between 6 and 7. So the correct answer is that it's time to get a new clock. The hands are out of alignment.

What do analog time mean?

time with the hour and minute hand.

How are the minute hand and hour hand the same?

The minute hand and hour hand both move clockwise to mark time and are in the same position at 12 noon or midnight.

How many times does the hour hand and minute hand cross in 12 hour period of time?

The minute hand will cross over the hour hand once every hour. So in 12 hours, the answer is 12 times.

If the little hand is on the 1 and the big hand is on the 6 what time is it?

1:30 Wrong. The "LITTLE" hand indicates the minute of the hour and the"BIG" hand indicates the hour of the day (or at least half day - AM/PM). The minute hand is the LITTLE hand because it represents the smaller unit of time when compared to an hour which is indicated by the BIG hand. Granted, the longer hand is longer than the shorter hand but it is was historically always thinner than the hour hand. Thinner = LITTLE And the hour hand was always shorter but fatter than the minute hand. Fatter = BIG The reason they were originally called "BIG" and "LITTLE" was based on the amount of time each represents. Hour is 60 times bigger than minute. Hour is BIG and minute is LITTLE. Hour hand is BIG HAND and minute hand is LITTLE HAND. End of story

If the hour hand is on the 3 and the minute hand is on the 3 what time is it?

it is 3:15

Is the little hand on a clock the hour hand or minute hand?

The LITTLE hand is the minute hand. Little does not mean short, it means thin. The longer hand is the LITTLE hand. The BIG hand is the hour hand. Big does not mean long, it means fat, wider. The BIG hand is the hour hand because it denotes the larger unit of time measure. An hour is 60 times larger than a minute. So then, the LITTLE hand denotes the smaller unit of time, a minute. Somewhere along the way some not-too-bright primary school teacher didn't get it right and passed it along incorrectly and lots of people since then have totally missed the connection between BIG=HOUR and LITTLE=MINUTE.

What is the time if hour hand is between 3 and 4 and minute hand is two divisions after 7?

3:37 or 3:45 depending on what a "division" is.

Looking at a standard wall clock at the time 630 what is the anglein nearest degrees created by the minute hand and the hour hand?

The hour hand would be at 195 degrees and the minute hand at 180 degrees.