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Q: What is the true vertical depth of a well of 10 meter long at 45 degrees of angle?
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What is the height of a vertical cliff when a small fishing boat is 200m from its base and the angle of depression is 34 degrees?

Using trigonometry and the tangent ratio its height is 135 meters to the nearest meter.

A dive bomber diving at an angle of 53 degrees with the vertical releases a bomb at an altitude of 730 meter the bomb hits the ground in 5 seconds after being released what is the speed of the bomber?


The angle of depression from a lighthouse to a ship at sea is 32 degrees. Find the distance the ship is from lighthouse if the height of the lighthouse is 20 meters to the nearest meter?

The alternate angle is 32 degrees and so 20/tan(32) = 32 meters

What instrument measures vertical movement along faults?

to measure vertical movments-tilt meter to measure horizontil movments-creep meter

What measures vertical movement?

a creep meter measures vertical movement and a tilt meter measures horizontal movement. Hope my answer works for you thanks

At what angle must an object be launched to travel 1 meter?

Well by the angle being at a certain angle it will launch sometime more then one meter and if the angle was a right angle then it will launch 350CM.

1 cubic meter covers an area of how many square meters to a depth of 150mm?

1 square meter. The depth is irrelevant in this question.

What is the volume of a cube that has a height of 1 meter a width of 1 meter and a depth of 1 meter?

1 meter cubed

What instruments measures vertical movements?

the creep meter

What is the angle of elevation of the sun when a woman 1.5 meters tall casts a shadow of 2.9 meter shadow?

It is: 27.35 degrees rounded to two decimal places

What is the least count of depth micro meter?


Convert 270 square meter to cubic meter with a depth of 10cm?

27 cubic meters