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In this problem, the unit rate is the rate of speed.

speed = distance/time = 60 miles/70 min = 0.86 mi/min (rounded)

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Q: What is the unit rate driving 60 miles in 70 minutes?
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What is the unit rate for running 8 miles for 92 minutes?

what is the unit rate for runnig 8 miles for 92 minutes

A car traveled a distance of 195 miles in 3 hours and 15 minutes what is the unit rate?

A car has traveled 195 miles in 3 hours. Find the unit rate.

What is 6 miles in 2 hours as a unit rate?

6 mph over 2 hours is 3 miles an hour. Or 1 mile every 20 minutes. Not sure what is meant by a unit rate?

How to find the unit rate for one mile in 6 minutes?

Divide a mile by 6 minutes and we have 1 / 6 miles per minute

What is the answer to 28 miles per 7 mins is it written as a unit rate?

Well, 28 miles per minutes translates as 4 miles per minute which is 240 mph.

How do you write 75 miles in 60 minutes in unit rate?

I am thinking it would be 75 miles per hour since 60 mins. = 1 hour

What is the difference between a rate and a unit rate?

A rate is a ratio that compares two different units. ex: 300 miles\ 6 hours. you can't convert miles into hours. A unit rate is a rate comparing a number to 1 unit to another. ex: 50 miles\1 hour A unit rate always has 1 as a denominator.

What is the unit rate 360 miles in 6 hours?

360 ÷ 6 = 60 miles per hour is the unit rate

What is the unit rate of 70 miles and 2 hours?

Write each rate as a unit rate 70 miles in 2 hours

What is your speed if you travel 70 miles in 200 minutes?

Then your speed is precisely (70 miles per 200 minutes).If you do the division of (70/200), you find the more familiar unit rate:(70 miles / 200 minutes) = 0.35 mile/minute = 21 miles/hour .

A boat can travel 27 miles in 2 hours.what is the unit rate in miles per hour?

A boat can travel 27 miles in 2 hours.what is the unit rate in miles per hour?

How do you write 54 words in 3 minutes as a unit rate?

Divide 54 words by 3 minutes to obtain this unit rate, 18 words per minute.

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