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None. You do not need any knowedge of astronomy to study and be an expert at trigonometry.

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Q: What is the use of astronomy in trigonometry?
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What is prograding in astronomy?

maths is important in astronomy algibra and trigonometry

What field of science used trigonometry?

Physics, aeronautics, and astronomy all rely heavily on trigonometry.

Why teaching trigonometry?

to give the basics for astronomy, distance calculation etc

Why are students taught trigonometry?

Students are taught trigonometry so they meet the needs in architecture, astronomy and in other fields because trigonometry is the branch of Maths and maths is being used everywhere.

What are modern day uses of trigonometry?

The ancient rules of trigonometry are still used today in navigation, aviation, architecture, astronomy, building, engineering, education ..... etc

What is the contribution of ptolemy in the field of trigonometry?

Ptolemy created the earliest tables of trigonometry functions that were found. His mathematical methods have been used to solve problems in astronomy.

What part of trigonometry helps facilitate commercial transaction and astronomy?

math rumble this letter ironqle

How can trigonometry be useful in metallurgy?

how can trigonometry use in metallurgy

What is trigonometry used for in our modern day lives?

It has many purposes for exmaple building, architecture, astronomy and engineering.

How do astronomers use trigonometry?

One example of an astronomer's use of trigonometry is determining the distance to a star by triangulation.

What part of trigonometry helps facilitate astronomy?

lalaki:salad ohh babae:unsay salad itug-an tikag police karon.......... :D

What is the purpose of trigonometry?

The purpose of trigonometry is to gather as much accurate measurements of distances given little information about angles or other distances. It is used in engineering, astronomy, city planning, drafting and designing, and construction.

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