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3 cents

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Q: What is the value of a(3 a) 3 when a 3?
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What the formula you would use (in Excel) to divide the value of cell A3 with the value of cell D2?

=a3 / d2

How do you square a number in Excel?

You can multiply a number by itself or multiply by the power of 2. That can be done with an operator or with a function. So there are several ways of doing it. Assuming the value was in cell A3, here are those 3 ways of doing it. =A3*A3 =A3^2 =POWER(A3,2)

How do you arrive the value of a in a3 equals 216?

a3 = 216 a = the cube root of 216 a = 6

What is spreadsheet formula in Open Office for dividing?

Just use the / in the formula like this: =A2/A3 That divides the value in A2 by the value in A3.

What is a formula which would add A1 A2 and A3 and divide by 3?

To add the 3 cells and divide the total by 3, you could do it several ways: =(A1+A2+A3)/3 =SUM(A1:A3)/3 =SUM(A1,A2,A3)/3

If A3-2 is reflected in the line x equals 3 then the corrdinates of A' are?

That is a very simple equation if A3-2 is equal to A'q*3 then A3-2 is also A3-22.

What does forward slash symbol mean on a spreadsheet?

It can be used for division. So the following formula will divide the value in A3 by the value in A10: =A3/A10

What is the formula of a3 plus b3?

(a+b)3=a3+b3+3ab(a+b) a3+b3=(a+b)3-3ab(a+b) a3+b3=(a+b)(a2-ab+b2)

What is the answer for 3 over a plus 2 over a to the second power minus 1 over a to the third power?

a≠ 0,LCD = a33/a + 2/a2 - 1/a3= (3/a)(a2/a2) + (2/a2)(a/a) - 1/a3= 3a2/a3 + 2a/a3- 1/a3= (3a2 + 2a -1)/a3

What is the value of smith corona 1903 a3?

depending on condition a Smith Corona 1903-A3 should bring from $700 to $850

How many cm are in a3?

There are 3 cm in 3 centimetres!

What is the appraised value of us Remington model 03-A3?

You will have to get it appraised to find out.

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