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n = 6

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Q: What is the value of n is 48 divided by 7 equals 6 Rn?
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X equals T in RN. What does this mean?

X= Ten in roman numerals

What is the value of a browning shotgun serial number 631 RN 13127?

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Can a California RN work in another state?

A California RN can only be an RN in California. However, if that same RN was to get registered to be an RN in a different state, they could work there as well.

What degree do you have you have to have to be an RN?

The top tier is RN, BSN or RN, BSN, MSN. It is also possible to be and RN with only an Associate Degree.

What is rn-bc?

What is RN-BC

Can you start as a LPN then finish in RN?

Yes you can. there are colleges that offer the RN completion program for LPN to RN.

What is an Rn nurse?

RN stands for Registered nurse

How many protons does Rn have?

Rn has 86 protons

How does an RN sign her name?

Jane Smith, RN

What is correct an RN or a RN?

Use 'a' before a consonant such as a RN Use 'an' before a vowel such as EOE

What is the difference between rn and LPN?

i don't know because i don't know what rn and LPN is but i htink this is right the difference is that the rn says rn and the LPN says LPN

What does it mean to be a RN?

An RN means that the person is a Registered Nurse.

Who makes more rn's or x-ray tech?


Where can you work as a RN?

You have to have a specialized license and training to work as an RN.

Where you can work as RN?

You have to have a specialized license and training to work as an RN.

What is chemistry symbol Rn?

Rn is the chemical symbol of radon.

What has the highest boiling point Kr or Xe or Rn?


What is the value of a Browning B-2000 serial number RN 13127 excellent condition that has never been fired?

$800.00 to $900.00

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"How much does an RN get paid in Bakerfield California?" "How much does an RN get paid in Bakerfield California?"

What license and certification is required to become an RN..and what is an rn duites?

Yes you have to have a licenes if u dnt how kan u become an rn

What does RN stand for after a doctors name?

RN stands for Registered Nurse

Is Rn on the periodic table a halogen?

No, Rn is radon, which is a noble gas.

What is the salary for an RN in Arizona?

The salary for an RN in Arizona will vary depending on experience and where the nurse works. The average RN salary in Arizona is about $55,000.

Whats the difference between rn and an LPN?

an RN has more training than an LPN but the RN is allowed to do more things than an LPN is.

What requirements are needed for RN jobs?

In order to be qualified for an RN job, a person must hold an Registered Nurse (RN) license. To become certified as an RN a person must pass the national NCLEX-RN exam. Education and training is required prior to taking the certification exam.