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X= Ten in roman numerals

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Q: X equals T in RN. What does this mean?
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X T in RN?

After about 10 hours of busting my head I figured it out. X (X)= T (ten) in RN (Roman Numberals). Hope I helped you out.

What is the answer to 7t equals x for t?

If: 7t = x Then: t = x/7

The polynomial given roots?

Do mean find the polynomial given its roots ? If so the answer is (x -r1)(x-r2)...(x-rn) where r1,r2,.. rn is the given list roots.

If T equals 3x plus 7y what is T when x equals 4 and y equals 6?

T = 3x + 7y; x = 4; y = 6T = 3x + 7y (substitute 4 for x, and 6 for y)T = 3(4) + 7(6) = 12 + 42 = 54

What does 9 x 8 equals?


Xyz equals t what is x?

xyz = t Divide both sides of the equation by "yz" to find the value of x: x = t/yz

Who makes more rn's or x-ray tech?


What is D equals d x t?

It is an equation containing 3 variables, D, d, and t.

What is the value of DD equals rt r equals 60 mph t equals 2 hours?

r = 60 m/h t = 2 h D = r t = (60m/h) x (2h) = 120 mi

If x times 30 equals 270 what is x mean?


What does x over 5 equals 2 mean?

x = 50

What is the value of x if 25 to the second power x?

sorry I mean equals x

What is a 7 letter word that starts with r The word is r x t x a x ends with s X equals blanks?


How do you solve x-2 equals 7?

x-2=7 x=7+2x=9dips**t

What is evaluate 42.3t if t equals 110?

42.3 x 110 = 4653

5-8x equals 7t when x is 1 and t is -3?

No. That would be incorrect. x would have to be 5 and t would have to be -5 for the equation to work out. With these values for x and t, each side of the equation would be equal to -35.

What does 2 c b t a c mean?

2 x b x t x a x c to the power 2

T over y equals x over w solve for x?

T/y = x/wMultiply each side by 'x':Tw/y = x

8.41 t equals how many kilograms?

Assuming you mean "short' tons the ans would be:8.41 tons x 2000lbs/ton= 16,820 lbs x .4536(lbs to Kgrams)= 6,629.552 Kgrams

What does exclamation equals mean in java?

The exclamation equals in Java(x!=) is used to represent the logical NOT.

What is 102 126 118 120 x mean equals 120?


What does x equals x mean?

The "equals" means that you claim that whatever is on the left of the equal sign is the same as whatever is on the right of the equal sign. In this case, it is claimed that x is the same as x - a true claim.

What does the x mean in 3x plus 11 plus 5x equals 75 x means?

x in the equation equals 8 x=8 3*8+11+5*8=75

Assume that X has a normal distribution with mean equals 15.2 and standard deviation equals 0.9 What is the probability that X is greater than 16.1?


What does t t y o x o x mean?

take take you out hugs kisses hugs