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The value of x would be 0

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Q: What is the value of x in the equation x4-16x3-14x2-12x-10 equals 0?
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What is the value of 0 factorial?

Zero factorial, written as 0!, equals 1. This is a simple math equation.

Look at the equation a times x equals 0 What value of x makes this equation true when a is not equal to 0?

In that case, x must be equal to zero. (0)

What is the value of y if x equals 0?

Then, y can be any value such that x = 0! If that equation doesn't contain y values, then this means that any y value work for the equation! For instance, if y = 1, then x = 0. If y = 2, then x = 0 and so on.

What is the value of k The equation x2-10x k0 has only one solution for x what is the value of k?

For the equation x2- 10x - k equals 0, you can solve this by knowing that if there is only one solution then the discriminant b2 - 4ac must be equal to 0. In this equation, a is 1, b is 10 and c is k This equation becomes 100 - 4k equals 0, and k is 25.

What is x in the equation x squared minus forty-nine equals 0?

The value of x is 7

In the equation y equals 2x2 - 5x - 18 which is a value of x when y equals 0?

x = 9/2 or x = -2 Solved by using the quadratic equation formula.

How many solutions are there to the equation 0x equals 4?

None.Whatever number you substitute for 'x', 0x will always be 0,and the equation will always become [ 0 = 4 ].No value of 'x' can make [ 0 = 4 ]. There is no solution.

What is the equation to the tangent line to the curve xy plus y2 equals 0 at the point x equals 3 and y equals 0?

y=0. note. this is a very strange "curve". If y=0 then any value of x satisfies the equation, leading to a curve straight along the y axis. For any non-zero value of y the curve simplifies to y = -x. The curve is not differentiable at the origin.

Why does y equals 0 when solving a quadratic equation?

Because when your solving a quadratic equation your looking for x-intercepts which is where why equals 0 and x equals what ever the answer is.

Find the value of the discriminant of each equation given X2 - 5x plus 4 equals 0?

The discriminant is 9.

Does y equals log5x have an asymptote?

Yes, the asymptote is x = 0. In order for logarithmic equation to have an asymptote, the value inside log must be 0. Then, 5x = 0 → x = 0.

Could you find the possible value or values of y in the quadratic equation 4-4y-y2 equals 0?

-0.82 , -4.82