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If the direction of motion is constant then the velocity is the same as the speed in that direction. If the direction is not constant, the information given is nowhere near sufficient to calculate the velocity.

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Q: What is the velocity if the distance is 700000 miles at a speed of 250000?
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What is the distance between the earth and moon for a photon traveling between the two?

250000 miles

How large is the earth's moon?

The Earth-moon distance is about 250000 miles

How many hours are in 3194 miles?

the amount of time it takes to travel 3194 miles depends on the speed or velocity and the weight of the object travelling the distance. This is explained in the physics/math equation Distance=(Velocity) x (Time) or when rearranged Time= (Distance)/(Velocity)

How long will it take to drive 343 miles going 70 miles per hour on a highway?

velocity = distance / time time = distance / velocity time = 343 miles / 70 miles per hour = 4.9 hours

What is the equation needed to find the time it takes for a baseball from the pitcher's mound to home plate at 100 miles an hour?

In physics, Velocity = Distance/Time. Therefore, Time= Distance/Velocity. Insert the Velocity and you get Time= Distance/100. However you'd have to convert either the distance to miles or velocity to feet. 1 mile= 5,280 feet

What is 250000 km in miles?

About 155,342.8 miles.

How do you get velocity when time in seconds is 0.1 and distance is 8?

velocity=distance/time for uniform velocity. You need units for both the time and the distance to get a correct answer. Example: the speed limit is 65 miles/hour

How long will 1164 miles take to drive?

Time = distance / velocity So you need to supply the velocity portion of the equation in miles. The answer will be in hours.

How velocity and distance related Are they proportional?

Yes, they are proportional. Distance traveled is the velocity times the time. So if you travel at 60 miles per hour for two hours, you have gone 120 miles.

Scott drove 780 miles in 12 hours At the same rate how many miles would he drive in 7 hours?

distance = velocity x time 780 = velocity x 12 65 = velocity= miles per hour so in 7hours distance = 65 x 7 = 455 miles

How long does it take to drive 642 miles?

time = distance/velocity

Fomula for velocity?

distance divided by time... For example, if it takes 2 hours to travel 4 miles, your velocity is: 4 miles/2 hours = 2 miles/hour