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Q: What is the velocity of the runner in the time from 5 seconds to 10 seconds if the runner is moving due north?
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What is the velocity of amissile tha travels north 8000 meters in 10.12 seconds?

Velocity = 790.514 m/s North (rounded)The idea is to divide the distance by the time.

Tom walked 450 m south He then turned and walked 150 m to the north in 600 seconds What was his velocity?

He walked 600m in 600 seconds so his velocity is 1m/s (one metre per second)

April swims 50 m north and then turns and swims 20 m back to the south What is her velocity if it takes her 60 seconds?

.5 north

How far does an object travel if its velocity is 25.5 meters per second north and it travels 85 seconds?

Distance = Velocity*Time = 25.5*85 metres = 2167.5 metres.

The velocity of a car changes from 60 meters per second north to 45 meters per second north in 5.0 seconds The magnitude of the car's acceleration is?

a=change over velocity/time 60-initial velocity 45-final velocity 45-60= 15m/s 15/5= 3- acceleration

April swims 50 m north and then turns and swims 20 m back to the south what is her velocity if it takes her 60 seconds-?

If April swam 50 M North then swam 20 M South back then her velocity would be 16.66. This is a math problem.

What is5 th grade formula fir acceleration?

The rate of change of velocity in a particular direction per unit second is acceleration. Let us assume a body is moving at a speed v' in particular direction, say north, and in t seconds, its velocity increases/decreases to v". So the acceleration is, a=(v"~v')/t

What is the velocity and how is it different from speed?

Speed is how fast something is moving.Velocity is how fast something is moving in a very specific direction.25mph is a speed25mph at 137degrees 30 minutes north azimuth is a velocity.

Mai jogs 800 m north and then turns and jogs 200 m back to the south What is her velocity if it takes her 400 seconds?

1.5 m.s north thanks to m.e.h :D

Velocity and speed?

Velocity is how fast and what direction. The formula for this is distance over time, indicating the direction. (North East, South or West.) Speed is how fast something is moving. Speed is like velocity except velocity indicates direction. The formula is distance divided by time. Hope that helps. :)

How much time does it take a person to walk 12 km north at a velocity of 6.5 km?

1 hour, 50 minutes, 46.15 seconds

April moves from a position 5 m north of her front door to a new position that is 3 m south of her front door if this movement takes her 4 seconds what is her velocity?

Displacement: 8 m south Time: 4 seconds Therefore velocity = 2 metres per second Southwards.