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1.0 mL of water

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Q: What is the volume of 10 micro-liters of 1 Molarity Na-Cl in 1.0 milliliters of water?
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What is the molarity of H2SO4?


What is the volume of 50 milliliters of water?

50 milliliters

What is the volume of 100g of sugar dissolved in 100g of water?

100 grams of sugar has a volume of 62.9 milliliters. 100 grams of water has a volume of 100 milliliters. The total volume is 162.9 milliliters.

What is the molarity of a solution containing 15.0g of aspartame dissolved in water and the solution volume is brought to 250.00mL by adding water?

The molarity is o,2.

If you submerged a metal slug with a volume of 11.6 milliliters into 30 milliliters of water what is the increase of volume?

It is 11.6 mL.

What is the molarity of 2 moles of Kl dissolved in 1 liter of water?

Molarity means number of moles in a solute volume. So molarity is 2moldm-3.

What is the final molarity of 5.84 grams of Na Cl?

Depending on the volume of water ! For 1 L, the molarity is approx. 0,1.

When does molarity and molality become equal?

In dilute solutions... ie closer a solution is to pure water the closer molality and molarity come to equalling each other. This is because the molality uses mass and molarity uses volume, the ratio of these two (mass and volume) is density, and water has the density of 1 therefore the mass and volume are equal to each other. THEREFORE calculating the molarity of water is the same as calculating the molality of water.

How many milliliters of water must be added to 138 mL of 1.50 M HCl to give 1.00 M HCl?

Use the formula:M1V1 = M2V2Where:M1 is the molarity of the first solution (1.50)V1 is the volume of the first solutionM2 is the molarity of the new solutionV2 is the TOTAL volume of the new solutionGrab a calculator, and subtract 138 from V2

Do ml measure the volume of water?

Yes, milliliters measure volume usually a fluid like water

How many milliliters of water is equal to 12.44 cm?

A volume in milliliters cannot be converted to a length.

.32 liters of water what is the volume in milliliters?

The answer is 320 milliliters. Use the formula 1 liter equal 1000 milliliters.

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