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Q: What is the volume of a cuboid with width 2cm length 4cm and height 6?
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How do you find the width of a cuboid when you are given the total volume?

width = volume/(length*height)

What Formula to find volume of a cuboid?

Volume = Length * Width * Height

How do you find the width of volume only using length height?

Volume = Length * Height * Width That equation can be rearranged to: Width = Volume/(Length * Height) This answer will only work for a cuboid (or a cube) and not any other 3d shape.

How do you find the length width and height with the volume?

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How do you find the height of a cuboid when the length and width is only given?

By dividing length times width into its given volume

What does length times height times width equal?

For a cuboid it gives its volume.

What is the volume If the height is7cm width 1cm length 2 cm?

volume of cuboid = height * width * length volume = 7 *1 * 2 =14 cm ^ 3

What is length x width x height?

The volume of a rectangular prism (a shape like box)

Do you multiply the width by the length and by the height to get an answer for the volume of an 3d shape?

Only if the shape is a cuboid.

The formula length x width x height is used to measure what?

Volume of a cuboid.

What does length x width x height equal?

Length x width x height equals volume.* * * * *But only if the object in question is a cuboid (rectangular prism). Length*Width*Height for a sphere, for example, does not equal its volume.

What is the equation for the volume of a rectangle?

Rectangles are flat or two dimensional. They have an area; they do not have a volume. The area of a rectangle is its length x width. If it was about the volume of a three dimensional Cuboid (or rectangular cuboid), its volume is the length x width x height.

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