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Solution. A solution of an equation is a number that satisfy the equation. This means that if you replace this number on the equation and check it, the equation will be true.

When you solve an equation you can find some roots, but not all of them satisfy the equation. Thus always check your answers after resolving your equation, and eliminate as solution the answers that don't make the equation true or undefined.

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Is the number sentence 8 plus 2 equals 10 an expression or an equation?

That word "equals" in there makes it an equation.

Chemical equation from the word equation?

Chemical equation uses the scientific symbols in the equation, and also makes it balanced.Word Equation:Oxygen + Glucose > Water + Carbon DioxideChemical Equation:O2 + C6H12O6 > H2O + CO2(Balanced)6O2 + C6H12O6 > 6H2O + 6CO2

Which word is used to name the bold number in math?

There is not a specific word that is used to bold a number in a math equation. Generally, a number or letter is not bold in a math equation, if a letter is of significance, it is normally capitalized.

What is the word equation for greenhouse effect?

fuel+oxygen makes carbon dioxide

What does the word root mean in maths?

A root in math is a number that, when substituted for the unknown quantity in an equation, will satisfy the equation

What does the word trigonometry identity mean?

An identity is like an equation which is true for all values of the variable.

What is the negative prefix of 'true'?

Un- is the negative prefix of true. It makes untrue, but this word usually transfers to false.

When an chemical equation contains the same number of atoms on both sides the equation is balanced?

The statement given is true. (There should, at least in the U. S., be a comma after the word "sides", to set off the initial adverbial clause, and the word "an" should be changed to "a", because the pronunciation of the word "chemical" immediately following this article does not begin with a vowel sound.)

Is equation a noun.?

Yes, the word 'equation' is a noun, a word for a thing.

A sentence using the word infinite?

Her love for her was infinite.The result of this mathematical equation is an infinite number.

Which word is used to name each of the bold number and variables?

It is each TERM of the equation or expression

What is y?

A letter in the alphabet. A missing number in a math equation. A SLANG or texting 'abbreviation' of the word ''why''.

Which logarithmic equation is equivalent to the exponential equation 464?

I don't see an equation. An equation must have an equal sign. For a question in answers.com, you'll have to write the word "equals", since symbols get lost.

Where did true religions originate from?

What a bizarre question. If there were a true religioin, it would obviously come from whatever supernatural being it follows. The word 'true' makes the question answers itself. If you eliminate the word 'true', then the answer is all religions are man made.

What is another word for equation?

Another word for equation relating to mathematics is "expression".

What is the word equation for calcium sulphide?

cas is word equation for calcium sulphide

Why do chemical equations have the same number of atoms on each side?

For the same reason as a mathematical equation. The word equation is derived from EQUAL - so to be equal or balanced there has to be the same number of atoms on each side.

Y minus 5 y2 plus 4y minus 3 what type of equation is this?

The question doesn't describe any equation. An equation states that one number or expression is equal to another number or expression. The word 'equal' is nowhere to be found or implied in the question.

What is the word equation for burning zinc?

Word equation: zinc + oxygen ----> zinc oxide Symbol equation: Zn + O2 ----> ZnO2

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