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Intersects at a right angle, also vertical.

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What do they mean when the word perpendicular is used on an Audi mechanics test?

I am not sure about the specifics of the test, but the word perpendicular means "at 90 degrees to"

What does the word perpendiculer mean?

Perpendicular means 'at right angles to'.

What does normal ray mean?

This usually refers to a light ray that hits a surface at 90 degrees, or perpendicular. In physical science the word "normal" is often used to mean perpendicular.

What is the Malayalam meaning of the word perpendicular?


Who mean syllables are in the word perpindecular?

there are 5 syllables in the word "perpendicular" per-pen-di-cu-lar

Using the word perpendicular in a sentence?

The girl is perpendicular

What does a perpendicular face mean in maths?

The word perpendicular mean 2 lines that intersect each other in such a way that the angle between them is 90 degress...=consider the letter ' L ' the vertical line is perpendicular to the horizontal line. because it is making an angle of 90 degree..=

How would you use the word perpendicular in a sentence?

this situation is very perpendicular

What does the word normal mean in the phrase normal force?

The component of the force exerted by a surface perpendicular to itself.

Can you give me a sentence using the word perpendicular?

A flag pole is perpendicular to the ground.

How do you use the word perpendicular in a sentnce?

The hexagon haded 6 perpendicular lines.

What is the base word of perpendicular?

There's no base word.

Is a pentagon perpendicular?

No, a pentagon is not perpendicular. The word perpendicular describes two lines (or line segments) that meet at a 90o angle.

What does perpendicular mean in math terms?

Perpendicular means that two lines intersect like an X but its just perpendicular

What is the antonym for the word perpendicular?


How do you use the word perpendicular lines in a sentence?

Perpendicular lines may form a "tee" or a "cross"

What is the meaning of the normal force perpendicular to the surface of the contact?

In this context ... referring to directions at a surface ... the word "normal" doesn't mean 'usual' or 'typical'. It means the direction perpendicular to the surface. Knowing this strange (abnormal) use of the word should clear up the confusion.

What does perpendicular mean mathematically?

two lines that intersect at 90 degrees are perpendicular ex +

What is a word that ends with -ar?


What is the word for Perpendicular to the keel?

Crossord puzzlers, unite! The word is "abeam."

What math word starts with the letter p?

Polynomial, parabola, parallel equation, parallel, perpendicular equation, perpendicular.

What does perpendicular mean in maths terms?


What is another word for perpendicular?

Line AB is perpendicular to BC. you can say this like; Line AB is at a right angle to BC

How di you use the word perpendicular in a sentence?

The perpendicular line should be at ninety degrees in order to make a right triangle.

What does the term perpendicular lines mean?

Perpendicular lines are two lines that intersect to form four right angles.

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