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Q: What is theoretical econometrics?
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What has the author Badi H Baltagi written?

Badi H. Baltagi has written: 'Nonstationary Panels, Panel Cointegration, and Dynamic Panels (Advances in Econometrics)' 'Econometric analysis of panel data' -- subject(s): Econometrics, Panel analysis, Business, Nonfiction, OverDrive 'Solutions Manual for Econometrics' 'Econometrics' -- subject(s): Econometrics 'A Companion to Theoretical Econometrics' 'Recent Developments in the Econometrics of Panel Data (International Library of Critical Writings in Econometrics 9) 2 Vol. Set'

When could you use theoretical probability?

When there is a good theoretical model for the experiment and the model allows you to identify all the factors affecting the outcome and determine their impact on the outcome. Even if you cannot identify all the factors, you can still use theoretical probability but the predictions from your model will be less reliable. Econometrics is a good example of using theoretical probability based on an incomplete understanding of the model.

When was Journal of Applied Econometrics created?

Journal of Applied Econometrics was created in 1986.

Why the Gauss Markov Theorem is Important in the econometrics?

because your econometrics professor said so!

What has the author Baldev Raj written?

Baldev Raj has written: 'Econometrics, a varying coefficients approach' -- subject(s): Econometrics

What has the author William E Griffiths written?

William E. Griffiths has written: 'Learning and practicing econometrics' -- subject(s): Econometrics

What has the author G S Maddala written?

G S Maddala was an eminent economist known for his work in econometrics. He authored books such as "Introduction to Econometrics" and "Limited-Dependent and Qualitative Variables in Econometrics". His research made significant contributions to the fields of economics and statistics.

What has the author Julia Hebden written?

Julia Hebden has written: 'Priority patterns for consumer durables' 'Applications of econometrics' -- subject(s): Econometrics

What is orthogonality in econometrics?

Means non correlation

What has the author Paul E Greenberg written?

Paul E. Greenberg has written: 'The practice of econometrics' -- subject(s): Computer programs, Econometrics, MicroTSP

What has the author A R Pagan written?

A. R. Pagan has written: 'Nonparametric econometrics' -- subject(s): Mathematical statistics, Econometrics, Statistical methods, Economics

What is the difference between economics and econometrics?

Economics is the study of the ecosystem wheres econometrics is the measure of the ecosystem in metres. e.g. they get a ruler and measure how big the ecosystem is.