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9/12 and 8/12

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Q: What is three fourths and two thirds with a denominator of twelve?
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What is the least common denominator of three-fourths and five-sixths?

The least common denominator of three fourths and five sixths is twelve.

What is the lowest common denominator for three quarters and two thirds?

The lowest common denominator would be twelve!

What is the least common denominator for one over two two thirds and three fourths?


What is three fourths plus twelve?

Twelve and three fourths.

Does Two thirds equal three fourths?

No, two thirds does not equal three fourths.

How man one-thirds are in three-fourths?

2.25 thirds fit into three-fourths.

What is the least common denominator of two thirds and three fourths?

2/3 and 3/4 Least Common Denominator is 12

What is the least common denominator for three fourths and two thirds?

The LCD for 3/4 and 2/3 is 12.

What is two thirds divided by twelve and three fourths?

2/3 x 4/51 = 8/153

Rename two thirds and three fourths as fractions with 12 of the denominator then add the Renamed fractions write the sum as a mixed number?

Two thirds and three fourths can be renamed as fractions with 12 of the denominator as 8/12 and 9/12 respectively. The sum of the renamed fractions as a mixed number is 1 5/12.

What fraction that has a denominator of twelve equals three fourths?

3/4 x 3/3 = 9/12

What is five and two thirds minus two and three fourths?

(five and two thirds) minus (two and three fourths) = 2.91666667

What is more three fourths cup of two thirds cup of dry dog food?

Three fourths is more than two thirds.

What is three thirds - three fourths?


How much greater is three quarters of twelve than two thirds of twelve?

One. As three quarters of twelve is 9, and two thirds of twelve is 8. :-)

How many three fourths are in twelve?

There are 16 3/4s. There are 16 ...three fourths

What is the common denominator for fractions three eighths add three fourths?

A common denominator is 32.

What is three fourths of twelve?


Is two thirds of three fourths the same as three fouths of two thirds?

Yes. One half.

Why is three fourths greater than two thirds?

Try to make those fractions into decimals. Three fourths is 0.75 and two thirds is between 0.66 and 0.67

Is four thirds greater than three fourths?

yes four thirds is greater than three fourths as 4 third is bigger than one whole and 3/4 is not if you have a look. 4/3 has a smaller denominator than the numerator so that means it is bigger than 1 whole. 3/4 has a bigger denominator than the numerator so it is less than one whole.

Is three fourths x two thirds greater than or less than three fourths?

greater than

LCM for two thirds and three fourths?


What is one thirds of three fourths?


What is Three fourths plus two thirds?

My mom