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That is equal to .003

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Q: What is three tenths of one per cent?
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What percent of 23 is 2 and three tenths?

Ten per cent

What is 0.6 as a percentage?

60% Six tenths is Sixty One-Hundredths, and per cent is parts per hundred.

What is the percentage of two tenths?

It is 20 per cent.

In fractions how many is 30 percent?

Expressed as a fraction, 30 per cent is equal to 3 / 10. Finding 30 per cent of a number is the same as finding three tenths of that number.

What is the mean of 0.7?

seven tenths or 70 per cent

Three more names for one half?

50 per cent is one

How do you say 1.5 percent in words?

Most correctly, 1.5 percent in words is, "One and five tenths per centum." More simply, "One point 5 per cent.)

What is 74 percent of 95?

Finding 74 per cent of 95 is the same as saying 95 x 0.74. The answer to this sum, 95 x 0.74 = 70.3, or 70 and three tenths.

What means per one hundred or out of one hundred?

Per cent.

What is 75 percent in a fraction?

75 per cent = 75/100. Per cent means "out of one hundred".

What is 6 per cent of three million?

6% of 3,000,000 = 180,000

What is seventy per cent of three hundred?

It is: 70% of 300 = 210

Is 25 percent of an ethnicity a lot?

25 per cent means one grandparent has it and the other three do not -- is that a lot? It might depend on what it is.

Scanning services should only cost one cent per page. ?

Scanning services should only cost one cent per page.

How do you write out 3.00 percent in words?

Three per cent [to the nearest hundredth of a percent}.

What is two per cent of three hundred?

Two percent of 300 is 6

What percent of housholds had one or more computers in 2009?

The proportion of households owning a home computer rose from 70 per cent to 72 per cent between 2007 and 2008; up from 67 per cent in 2006. The percentage of households with an Internet connection rose from 61 per cent in 2007 to 66 per cent in 2008.

What is one per cent of four million?


What is one-tenth as a per cent?

10% is.

How do you write one tenth of a per cent?


How do you write out 3.87 percent in words?

The correct way to write out 3.87 percent is "Three and eighty-seven hundredths per cent". But most people are going to actually say, "Three point eighty-seven per cent."

What percentage of 309 162 581 is 52 000 which is the number of people who have hidden assets in Switzerland banks and the other number is the population of the USA?

0.0168 percent or between one and two tenths of a per cent

What is 1 of 10 in per cent?

10 per cent

What is three and a half per cent interest on 20000?

.035 x 20,000 = 700

What is three per cent of 44000?

3% is the same as 0.03 and 0.03*44000 = 1320