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The answer is 50

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Q: What is twenty-five divided by decimal five?
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Related questions

What is five divided by three hundred twentyfive?


What is eight and one twentyfive in decimal?


What is twelve divided by twentyfive?


What is equivalent to the fraction seventeen out of twentyfive in a decimal?

17/25 = 0.68

How would you write sixteen and twentyfive hundredth with a decimal point?


What is 50 divided by twentyfive?

50 ÷ 25 = 2.000000000

What is thirty six divided by five decimal five equal?

36/5.5 = 6.5454 . . .

Five tenths of a circle equals what decimal part of the circle?

Five-tenths of a circle is 5 parts of a circle that is divided into 10 parts. To convert 5/10 to a decimal, simply take the 5 and put a decimal to the left of it. The answer is then .5.

What is five hundredths in decimal?

0.050.05 . If you type 5 divided by 100 into a calculator then u will find the decimal.

What does the fraction 4 over 5 equal in a decimal form?

4/5 is the same as four divided by five. Four divided by five = 0.8

What is Five eights divided by two sevenths?

5/8 divided by 2/7 = 35/16 or 2.1875 as a decimal

What do you call 0.25 in maths?

" a fourth", "a quarter", "point two five" or "point twentyfive"

What is 14 divided by 4 as a decimal number?


What is five sixths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 5/6 = 0.83 recurring (that is, 0.83333..)It means 5 divided by 6 and the answer is 0.8333.....

9 and fourteen over twentyfive as a decimal?

9 and fourteen over twenty five as a decimal = 9.569 14/25= 9 + (14 ÷ 25)= 9 + 0.56= 9.56

What is four greater than the quotient of twentyfive and five?

4 + 25/5 = 4 + 5 = 9

How do you change a frantion to a decimal?

divide the top by the bottom, eg 5 / 8 ( five eighths) = five divided by eight = 0.625

What is 18 divided by 593?


What is 9 over 40 as a decimal?

Nine divided by 40 is .225 or two hundred twenty five thousandths.

How do you convert five eighths into a decimal without using a calculator?

5/8 = 5 divided by 8 = 0.625

What is Thirty-Five divided by One-Hundred?

35 divided by 100 is .35 you have to move the decimal place 2 spots to the left because there are 2 zeros in 100.

Is two hundred fifty thousand the same as twentyfive hundred thousand?

No. Twenty five hundred thousand is 2,500,000 or two million five hundred thousand.

Draw and shade a decimal square to represent 0.75?

A decimal square is divided into 100 equal segments to symbolize the parts of one whole. Seventy-five of these segments would be shaded.

What is five fifteenths as a percent?

Five fifteenths is 5/15. To get the percent of any fraction divide the top by the bottom. So 5 divided by 15 is 0.33333333........ It is a repeating decimal.

How fractions division and decimals and related?

The line in a fraction can be read as "divided by." Completing the division leads to the equivalent decimal. 4/5 = four divided by five = 0.8