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There are many more than 2 ways:

  • Use a calculator.
  • Learn your tables.
  • Bracket the square root.
  • Use a method which resembles long division.
  • Use the Newton-Raphson (or other numerical) method.
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Q: What is two different ways to calculate the square root of 225?
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What is the square root of 196 using successive subtraction method and factorization method?

The square root of 196 is 14, no matter what method you use. If you work a math problem two different ways and get different answers, then at least one of them is wrong, and there's a good chance that both of them are.

How do you find the square root of a number without using a calculator?

It's really hard to explain in an answer here. See the link for different ways to do it.

What are two ways to write the square root of nine?

3 and -3

How to make the square root symbol on the computer?

There are many ways one can make the square root symbol on their computer. One can make the square root symbol on their computer by holding down the ALT key as you type 251.

Easy ways to find the Hypotenuse?

For right angled triangles it is the square root of square of side A added to square of side B (sorry i don't have a square sign on my keyboard) hypotenuse=square root of AxA+BxB

How do you find the length of the square?

You measure it. Or you take a quarter of the perimeter of the square. Or the square root of the area of the square. Or there are other ways, depending on what information you have.

What ways that shoot system and root system different?


What is 2 multiplied by the square root of 18?

Several different ways in which the solution can be expressed. 2 √18 Take everything inside the square root. 2√18 = √(4 x 18) = √72 Simplify the square root. 2√18 = 2√(9 x 2) = 2 x 3√2 = 6√2 Solve the square root. 2√18 = 2 x 4.24264 = 8.48528 (5dp)

What is the symbol for finding the square root of a number?

Original Answer: There are a variety of ways. LEt's look at how you would say Square Root of 25. SQRT(25) 25^0.5 25 Improved Answer: The square root symbol did not come through around the 25 in the above answer. Go to Google and enter Square Root Symbol in the search.

How do you solve a square root without trial and error?

If you want a mathematical way to solve square roots that isn't trial and error, you probably need an algorithim. There are many ways to do this, and if you aren't satisfied with my way, or don't understand search for square root algorithims and you will find millions of ways.

What is the approximate square root of the number 855?

The square root of the number 855 may be approximated many different ways. The most straightforward way is to punch it into a calculator which will typically present it to 10 decimal places. In the absence of a calculator one may type it into Google to obtain 29.2403830344.

What is the symbol used to represent thenonnegative square root of a number?

The negative square root of a number is expressed as -√n or -n^½. The question probably may refer to the square root of a negative number. In mathematics there is an identity i² = -1 so that i = √-1 The square root of a negative number can be shown in several ways. For Example : √-36 = √( -1 x 36) = √-1 x √36 The square root of 36 is ±6, and the square root of -1 is i. The solution to √-36 is therefore ±6i.

Show How 5.619. is the square root of 35?

It is only an approximation to the square root of 35 - the square root of 35 is an irrational number.Besides, 5.619 is not approximately the square root of 35; the square root of 35 is approx 5.916 (I suspect a typo in the question).Two ways:Square it:5.916 x 5.916 = 34.999056 ≈ 35Calculate the square root of 35:.............. 5 . . 9 . 1 . 6 . 0 .......... ---------------------........5 | 35 . 00 00 00 00............ 25............ ---... 109 | 10 . 00.............. 9 . 81............ -------. 1181 | ..... 19 00.................. 11 81.................. ------.11826 | ...... 7 19 00.................... 7 09 45.................... --------......................... 9 55 00So to 3 dp, √35 ≈ 5.916

This is the symbol for square root?

The square root SYMBOL is √ Occasionally it may have a superscript 2 to prevent any confusion with other types of roots.... ²√ Although not a Symbol, the square root can also be identified by using an index or power of ½. So, √9 = 3, ²√9 = 3 91/2 = 3............are three ways of showing that the square root of 9 is 3.

What is the square root of 81 in fraction form?

The square roots of 81 are integers, not fractions. So there are no sensible ways to express them as fractions.

What is the square root 100 squared?

That could be interpreted two ways. Either way, the answer is 100.

How do I do square root?

The best ways to find a square root, without memorizing multiplication tables, are:use the button on your calculator that looks like this: √Google "square root of" and type your numberJust remember that numbers have 2 square roots, a positive and a negative (calculators like the above will only show you the positive result).

What are some ways to solve an quadratice equation?

facctor the problem and atke the square root of both sides

Which is not one of the three ways to represent the imperfect square root of 45?

Drawing a picture of a banana is NOT a way.

Calculate square root by hand?

Some square roots can easily be calculated by hand. For example the square root of 4 is 2 and of 9 is 3. However, most of them are irrational which means that cannot be put in the form p/q where p and q are integers and q is not zero. So how do we find real numbers by hand that are irrational? The best we can do is to approximate them. There are many ways to do this. I will give you a link to a Wikipedia article that lists these:

Does base word and root word have the same meaning?

Base word and root word have the same meaning but are there are different ways to say it.

How are root beers different?

There are several ways that they can be different. Some brands have a slightly different taste and other brands have more carbonation.

What are three irrational numbers between 4 and 5?

there can be many irrational numbers in between, infact there is infinity different ways, here are 3 4.66666666666... In fraction is 4 2/3 4.44444444444... In fraction is 4 4/9 4.33333333333... In fraction is 4 1/3

How many different ways can a square pyramid be drawn?

4 times

Can you find six different ways to cut a square?

Yes, that is possible.