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Q: What is value that is measured by slope?
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Why is slope measured in m?

because it is

In a plot of absorbance vs concentration what does the slope represent?

The slope of absorbance vs concentration reptresents the value of εb, where ε is the absorbtivity with units of (L/mol cm) and b is path length measured in cm.

What is the slope of a line that passes through a and b?

The slope is[ (y-value of 'b') - (y-value of 'a') ] / [ (x-value of 'b') - (x-value of 'a') ]

What does it mean if a slope is numerically a higher value than another slope what are some examples in the real world?

What does it mean if a slope is numerically a higher value than another slope

What if actual value - measured value is negative?

Then the measured value is larger than the actual value.

What can the slope of a straight line be measured by?

The slope of a straight line can't be measured in units. If it is a horizontal line then there is no slope because the rise over run is 0/x, which equals zero because zero divided by everything is zero. If the line is vertical then the slope is undefined because the rise over run is x/o.

What derived unit is used to measure the slope of the line in this graph?

It is measured in gradient which is measured in the metric system!

How do you get a slope?

Your Y value divided by your X value.

Does a stream with a shallow or no slope have a high or low gradient?

low slope and gradient are the same thing - just measured in different units

What is the slope of -4x2?

The slope changes as the value of x changes. For any point x, the slope is -8x.

What is an negative slope?

A negative slope is a slope occurs whenever an increase in the x value of the equation of a line causes the y value to decrease. If you're looking at the graph, the line with slope downwards from left to right.

Slope of a displacement time graph?

It is the instantaneous speed in the direction in which the displacement is measured.