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Q: What is vector field?
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Are the magnetic field vector or scalar fields?


Is magnetic field line scalar or vector quantity?


Is intensity of light scalar or vector quantity?

Vector field

Why is an electric field considered a vector quantity?

An electric field is a vector quantity because it has direction and a magnitude. Electric field has a certain direction in which it acts.

The direction of the electric field vector is defined as?

Direction of the electric field vector is the direction of the force experienced by a charged particle in an external electric field.

Is magnetic field strength a vector quantity?

When one refers to the strength of a magnetic field, they're usually referring to the scalar magnitude of the magnetic field vector, so no.

Current is scaler or vector?

Scaler. The electric field is its vector counterpart.

Is field vector quantity?


What are the engineering applications of vector calculus?

in which field vector calculus is applied deeply

Which of this two quantities is not a vector quantity magnetic field or charge?

Charge is not a vector.

What is a magnetic field vector?

It is a way of representing the magnetic force at a point in the field. The magnitude and direction of the vector represents the strength and the direction of the magnetic force acting on a charged particle in the field.

Voltage is a vector quantity or scaler quantity?

Scaler. Its vector counterpart is the electric field.

What happens if the electron enters the magnetic field parallel to B?

It continues in a straight line at a constant speed in the absence of any other field except the B vector field parallel to its velocity vector.

What is gradient of a vector field?

It is the rate of change in the vector for a unit change in the direction under consideration. It may be calculated as the derivative of the vector in the relevant direction.

Is electric field strength a vector?

Yes, it is.

What is the poynting vector?

The poynting vector is that one which represents the directional energy flux density of the electromagnetic field.

Why is magnetic induction a vector quantity?

Magnetic field induction at a point is defined as the FORCE experienced by a unit north pole placed at that point. Since force is a vector quantity, manetic field induction also becomes a vector quantitiy.

Why is an electric field strength a vector quantity?

for a vector quantity it must have both magnitude and direction and since it has both magnitude and direction it is therefore considered a vector

Is magnetic field a scalar or density quantity?

A magnetic field is neither: it is a vector field with both direction and quantity.

Is electric field intensity a vector quanity?

Yes, it is.

What two kinds of fields make up an EM wave?

scalar field and vector field

What are the two kinds of fields that make up an electromagnetic wave?

Scalar field and vector field.

Example of vector quantity?

Displacement, velocity, acceleration, force, torque, electric field are some examples of vector quantity.

What is the angle between dipole moment and electric field in a electric dipole?

Zero Dipole would set itself such that dipole moment vector is along the electric field vector

What is magnetization vector?

If you apply a magnetic field to matter (i.e. a piece of iron) then preexisting magnets on the atomic level align with the magnetic field. The strength on direct of this orientation is described by the magnetization vector.