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x3-5x2+x is already simplified.

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Q: What is x to the third power minus 5 times x squared plus x?
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What is infanity times 6 squared to the 89458 power minus 1?


How do you answer E squared times 2 to the 5th power times 3 divided by 6 to the 7th power times 3 minus 4 squared times pi equals 42?

The answer depends on what the question is!

What is minus 3 squared times 4 squared?


In matrix multipliccation when does A plus B times A minus B equals A squared minus B squared?

All the time

Does 2 to the third power times 3 squared represents prim factorization?


What is sec squared theta times cos squared theta minus tan squared theta?


What is two to the third power times three minus one to the second power plus negative four to the second power?


What is the answer to 2 plus 3 minus 2 times 1 square plus 4 times 16 square minus 4 times 2?

Two plus 3 minus 2 times 1 squared plus 4 times 16 squared minus 4 times 2 is equal to 1,019.

What is nine squared times two minus four squared?

81 x 2 - 16 = 146

What is 5x squared times 2x minus 3?

10x3 - 15x2

What is one third times 24 inches squared?

8 inches squared

Whatโ€™s the price factor of 3 to power of 7 times 11 squared?

When a number is to the 'third power,' that means that you are going to be multiplying the number by itself three times.

What does the word cubed mean in maths?

It means-- something times something times something--or something raised to the third power. Squared is something times something--or something to the second power.

What is a squared times a squared?

I believe A2 times A2=A4 (A to the power of 4).

X squared plus y squared minus 1 all cubed then minus the product of x squared times y cubed that all equals 0 How do you solve for y?

You have to put your heart into it!

What is 2 cubed times 3 squared?

72 minus the root of squared minus equals 72 but you have to be smart to know that the minimum circumference s 56 there you go

What is b squared times b squared?

b to the fourth power

What is the square root of 5c to the 5th power over 4d to the fifth power simplest form?

C squared times the square root of 5cd over 2 times d to the third power

What is discriminant in quadratic equation?

the square root of b squared minus 4 times a times c

What is the answer to 5 times 2 to the third power plus 17 minus three times two?

5(23)+17-3(2)= 51.

What is 2 to the third power times 2 to the third power times 2 to the third power equal?


5 times negative 1 squared minus 3 times 3 times 5?

- 51 (negative 51))

What is gravitational equilibrium?

Mass times acceleration minus dynamic pressure squared times area times coefficient of drag

Power may be expressed as what times resistance?

Power=current squared times resistance

What is 4 squared times 4 squared times 4 squared times 4 squared?

16 to the 4th power, or 16 x 16 x 16 x 16 = 65,536