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20 minutes = 20/60 hours = 1/3 hours

13 divided by 1/3 = 39 mph (wow!)

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Q: What is your mile per hour pace if you ran 13 miles in 20 minutes?
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What is your mile per hour pace for if you ran 4 miles in 27 minutes and 53 seconds?

Your pace is 8.6 miles per hour.

What is the treadmill pace to run 9.5 minute mile?

60 (minutes/hour) / 9.5 (minutes/ mile) = 6.316 miles per hour

What is your pace if you ran 9.5 miles in 85 minutes?

8.94736842 minutes per mile. 6.31578946 miles per hour.

How fast is 13.09 minutes in a mile?

A 13.09-minute mile equates to a pace of 4.6 miles per hour.

What is your mile per hour pace if you ran 6.2 miles in 50 minutes?

7.44 mph

How fast is the pace to run a half mile in 4 minutes 13 seconds?

The pace to run a half mile in 4 minutes 13 seconds is 7.12 (7.11462451) miles per hour.

What is the running pace of 3 miles in 25.5 minutes?

About 7.06 miles per hour. This equates to an 8.5-minute mile.

How fast do you have to run the mile to finish it in 5 minutes?

You would have to keep an average pace of about 12mph (that is, miles per hour) to finish the mile in 5 minutes

What was my mile pace if i ran 4.3 miles in 28 minutes 12 seconds?

Your mile pace was 6.56 minutes.

How many miles would a person walk in 3 hours if his average pace is 15 minutes per mile?

15 minutes per mile is 4 miles per hour ( that is a fast pace). In three hours you would walk 12 miles

How many miles per hour to reach a 6 minute 30 second mile?

You must average at least 9.23 miles per hour to achieve that time.

What is the average pace needed to walk 2.5 mile in 36 minutes?

2.5/36 = 0.07 miles per minute. Divide this by 60 minutes per hour to get about 4.2 miles per hour