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Every square is a rectangle because a rectangle is a polygon with 4 sides (a quadrilateral) and 4 right angles.

A square is a rectangle with 4 equal sides.

So the thing that would makes some rectangles not like squares is they have only two sides of equal length and not four.

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Q: What makes a square and rectangle not alike?
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How is a square alike and different from a rectangle?

A square has four sides of equal length. A rectangle has lengths that are different from the widths.

How a square and rectangular alike?

They both have four sides and four right angles. Every square is also a rectangle. But not every rectangle is a square.

Are a rectangle and square alike?

Yes They both have 4 sides

What makes a square a special kind of rectangle?

A square is a rectangle in which all the sides are the same length.

How is a square and a rectangle alike?

Both have right angles Have at least some matching sides

How are a rectangle and a square alike and different?

They are both quadrilaterals with all of whose interior angles are right angles. A square has four equal sides, a rectangle has two pairs of equal sides.

Are rectangle and octagon alike?

a rectangle and octagon are alike because they both are quadrilaterals.

What makes a rectangle different from a square?

a square has equal sides and looks sort of like this like this _ l_l and a rectangle is this ____ l ____l

How are a cube and a rectangle alike?

they are not alike. A rectangle is 2 dimensional, a cube is 3 dimensional

What makes rectangle a square?

Adjacent sides are also equal.

What makes square and rectangle the same?

They are not technically the same. A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square. A rectangle requires opposite sides to be the same length. A square's opposite sides are the same length so it is a rectangle. A square requires all sides to be the same length, not just opposite sides. So most rectangles are not squares.

Is a rectangle a square when a square not a rectangle?

A square is a rectangle even through a rectangle is not always a square.