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Pythagoras - He invented the Pythagorean Theorem.

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Q: What mamthamatician had something to do with geometry?
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What is is altitude in geometry?


What is the definition for a point as in geometry?

The specific location of something or in which something is occurring or has happened, or the measurement of something that happened or is happening is a point in geometry.

How is geometry related to architecture?

When you are designing something you have to have all the correct angles and that is where the geometry kicks in.

What are websites for geometry?

There is something called google. use it.

Something that has no length and no width in geometry?

A point has no length or width.

What is your reaction on the statement geometry exposes physical world?

Geometry does not expose the physical world, but it does tell us something about how the physical world works. Geometry is relevant to the physical world.

How is algebra and geometry used in chemistry?

I was in Chemistry last year and we used something called stoichiometry, which uses both algebra and geometry.

Example of intuition reasoning in geometry?

My mother is crying, She lost something.

What kind of math do builders use?

mostly geometry and basic algebra. for the most geometry because of the shapes and design to find out if something fits in or not.

What are some real world applications of geometry?

Euclidean geometry has become closely connected with computational geometry, computer graphics, convex geometry, and some area of combinatorics. Topology and geometry The field of topology, which saw massive developement in the 20th century is a technical sense of transformation geometry. Geometry is used on many other fields of science, like Algebraic geometry. Types, methodologies, and terminologies of geometry: Absolute geometry Affine geometry Algebraic geometry Analytic geometry Archimedes' use of infinitesimals Birational geometry Complex geometry Combinatorial geometry Computational geometry Conformal geometry Constructive solid geometry Contact geometry Convex geometry Descriptive geometry Differential geometry Digital geometry Discrete geometry Distance geometry Elliptic geometry Enumerative geometry Epipolar geometry Euclidean geometry Finite geometry Geometry of numbers Hyperbolic geometry Information geometry Integral geometry Inversive geometry Inversive ring geometry Klein geometry Lie sphere geometry Non-Euclidean geometry Numerical geometry Ordered geometry Parabolic geometry Plane geometry Projective geometry Quantum geometry Riemannian geometry Ruppeiner geometry Spherical geometry Symplectic geometry Synthetic geometry Systolic geometry Taxicab geometry Toric geometry Transformation geometry Tropical geometry

What are straight line?

Well a straight line is something that you use in geometry and that is what you use to measure with.

What straight line?

Well a straight line is something that you use in geometry and that is what you use to measure with.

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