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Q: What measurement equals 1300 mg of salt?
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How many grams in 1300 milligrams?

1 mg = 0.001 grams. Answer 1.3 grams in 1300 mg.

10 milliequivalents equals how many mg?

It is not possible to answer the question since there is no recognised measurement called milliequivalents.

Does 6000mg salt equal 6g?

yes, since 1000 mg equals 1 gram

How many milligrams of salt must be added to 18 milligrams of a 20 percent salt solution to obtain a 35 percent salt solution?

this question is not hard to answer, but it does require that one make some assumptions. The simplest answer assumes that the 20% salt solution refers to per cent by mass. Thus: a 20% salt solution is one which contains 20 mg salt for every 100 mg solution where the solution consists of a mixture of 20 mg salt plus 80 mg water. A 35% salt solution would contain 35 mg salt for every 65 mg water. Now, assuming that all the water in 18 mg of a 20% salt solution remains in the final solution we see that 18 mg salt solution x 20 mg salt/100 mg salt solution gives 3.6 mg of salt; thus, there are 18 mg total solution - 3.6 mg salt = 14.4 mg water. So the final salt solution must be one that contains 14.4 mg water and enough salt to make it 35% salt by mass. Mathematically, this is written as Z mg salt/(Z mg + 14.4 mg water) = 35/100 This gives Z = 0.35*(Z + 14.4) or Z = 0.35*Z + 0.35*14.4 which is same as Z = 0.35*Z + 5.04 and 0.65*Z = 5.04 so Z = 5.04/0.65 = 7.75 mg total salt needed. We started with 3.6 mg salt, so we must add 7.75 -3.6 = 4.15 mg salt Check: 7.75 mg salt/(7.75 mg salt + 14.4 mg water) = 0.35 or 35% There you go! --assuming that much salt dissolves that amount of water!

How many mg equals mcg?

1000 mcg equals 1 mg.