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Q: What number can eight and three both get multiplied by the same number?
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What is the verbal expressions of the polynomial expression 3x squared-6?


How do you write an equivalent fraction for three fifths?

You can do this by multiplying both the numerator and denominator by a common number. For example, six tenths is an equivalent fraction because the numerator and denominator were both multiplied by 2.

What type of number results when a negative is multiplied by a positive number and vice versa?

the number is always negative in both cases

Does the inequality signs change when both sides are multiplied by a negative number in equations?

yes it does

What is two eighth reduced to lowest terms?

The answer is 1/4. you get this by dividing both the number two and eight by two. the biggest number that can go into both the two and eight is what you divide it by.

Is 7 plus 1 a positive or a negative?

7+1=8 Eight, the sum of these two numbers, is a positive number. The only way these two specific numbers could combine to create a positive number would be if they were both negative, if seven was negative or if they were multiplied together and one was a negative number.

When you multiply both sides of any inequality by a negative number you need to the inequality symbol?

When an Inequality expression is multiplied (or divided) by a negative number then the Inequality sign is reversed. Example : -9x < 18 : -x < 2 : x > both sides have been multiplied by -1.

What number when multiplied by 10 is 50 less than 650?

Let's call the number x.When x is multiplied by 10, it is 50 less than 650. We can write this as:10x+50 = 650Now that we have an equation, let's solve it.Firstly, subtract 50 from both sides10x = 600Then, divide both sides by 10x = 60The number 60 is 50 less than 650 when it is multiplied by 10.

What happens to the perimeter and area of a polygon when both the height and base are multiplied by three?

Naturally its perimeter and area will increase accordingly

What is a number you multiply to get the product called?

The multiplicand is multiplied by the multiplier to obtain the product. They are both also known as factors.

The Multiplication Property of Equality holds true only if the same number is multiplied to both sides of an equation?


What is the lowest common multiple of 7 and 28?

7 because both of them can be multiplied by 7 , there is no other smaller number.