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950 - 999 rounds to 1000; 750 - 799 rounds 800; and 650 - 699 rounds to 700

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Q: What number can you round to1000 and 800 and 700 in the thousands hundreds and tens?
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What is the round number 526745 to the nearest number?

To the tens: 526750 To the hundreds: 526700 To the thousands: 527000 To the ten thousands: 530000 To the hundred thousands: 500000

How do you round 163 to the ones decimal place?

You cannot round a number with a place value larger than the place value you seek to round it to. i.e. You cannot round thousands to hundreds, hundreds to tens, tens to ones, etc.

How do you round 345982 to the nearest thousand?

hundred-thousands ten-thousands thousands hundreds tens onesAbove is the order of the place values so for the number above it would go like this:3 4 5 9 8 2hundred-thousands ten-thousands thousands hundreds tens onesTo round to the nearest thousand means that we must decide what number should be in the thousands place (where the 5 currently is) and then make all numbers to the right of it (the hundreds, tens, and ones place) a 0.To determine what number should go in the thousands place, we need to look at the hundreds place. If the hundreds place contains a number that is greater than or equal to 5, we round up (meaning we add one to that value in the thousands place) otherwise, we round down (meaning we keep the number in the thousands place the same).In this problem, the hundreds place contains the number 9. Since this is greater than or equal to 5, we round up.To round up, we add 1 to the value in the thousands place.So, 5+1 = 6 --> Now the thousands place contains a six and all places to the right become zeros, so the final answer is:346000

What is 29610 rounded to the nearest thousands?

30,000. The fourth place to the left is the thousands place. Since the number in the hundreds place is over 5, we can round it up to 30,000. Since we are rounding to the thousands, the 6 in the hundreds place tells us we can round the 9 in the thousands place to ten. To do that, we carry the one, making it 30,000.

When is it better to round to the tens place rather than the hundreds or thousands place?

When your number is less than fifty.

How do you round the number 97112767?

You take the number before the number you want to round it to. Round to tens: 97112770 (7 is greater then 4, so you round up) round to hundreds: 97112800 (6 is greater then 4 so you round up) round to thousands:97113000 (greater then 4, round up) round to ten thousands: 97113000 (greater then 4, round up) round to hundred thousands: 97100000 (less then 4, round down) round to millions: 97000000 (less then 4 round down) round to billions: 10,000,000 (more then 4 round up)

How do you round 17787 to the the thousands?

If the hundreds are 5 and above, round up. Four and below, round down. 18,000

Can you round 7100 to nearest thousand?

The thousands column is where 7 is the number to its right is the hundreds columns and it is 1, which is less than 5, so you round down to 7000

How can you round 149,590?

It depends on where you want to round to. If you want to round to hundreds it would be 149,600. If you want to round it to thousands it would be 150,000.

What 3726 round to the nearest hundred?

It would be 3,700. If it's a number below 4, then you wouldn't round it up. If it's a number above 5, then you would round it off by making the number you want to round off bigger by 1.EXAMPLE:1,234 - If you wanted to round up the 1 in the thousands place, you couldn't because the number in the hundreds place (the 2) is a number below 4.5,678 - If you wanted to round up the 5 in the thousands place, you could because the 6, in the hundreds place, is a number above or higher than 5.

When estimatingwhat mathematical process is done first?

You round the number either to the nearest tens , hundreds , thousands , ten thousands , hundred thousand...Rounding is a process of selecting a number that is close to a given number but easier to work with.

How do you round off 64569 to the thousands?

:Look at the digit in the hundreds position. It is a 5. That means the number will be rounded up. So 65000 will be the answer.

How do you round 68354 to the nearest thousands?

If the hundreds is 5 or above, round up. Four and below, round down. 68,000

How do you round up 2312574 to the nearest hundreds thousands?

To the nearest hundred thousand - you would round it down- you 2300000

How do you round up 670249 in tenthousand?

Look at the thousands digit;if it is 5 or more add 10,000 to the number; if not don't add anything Replace the thousands, hundreds, tens and units digits by 0s.

What is the greatest number that rounds to 943 to the nearest hundreds?

No number can round to 943 to the nearest hundreds.

What is 5587885 rounded to the nearest ten thousand?

5590000 To do this you must understand place value and how to round. Start by looking at the units. If the units is 5 or above round the tens digit up. If the new tens digit is 5 or above, round the hundreds digit up. If they are 4 or below leave the digit. For example. Look at the units. The number is 5 so you round the tens up. I will show you this step by step until the ten thousands. 5587885 = 5587890 Round tens 5587890 = 5587900 Round hundreds 5587900 = 5588000 Round thousands 5588000 = 5590000 Round ten thousands

How do you round 9876 to the nearest thousands?

Look at the digit in the hundreds position. It is an 8, which means the number will be rounded up. So the answer will be 10000.

What is 8460 rounded to the nearest thousand?

the first digit in the number is the thousands digit. The secind is the hundreds digit; it is less than 5 so you do not round up: Answer is 8000 (if your number were 8560, for example, it would round to 9000)

How do you round 76240 to the nearest hundred?

Split the number up into ten-thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and units: 10 Th Th H T U 7 6 2 4 0 The value in the hundreds column is the 2 (representing 200). Therefore it has to be decided whether or not to round the numbers in the tens and units up (making the number 76300) or down (making it 76200). If the number after the 2 is less than 50, you round down, but if it is more, round up. 40 is less than 50, so we round down, therefore the final number is 76200.

What is the largest number that rounds to 3 600 to the nearest thousand?

To the nearest thousand, no number can round to 3600 as that is not a whole multiple of thousands - it contains hundreds which are tenths of thousands.It would have to be largest [whole] number that rounds to 3600 to the nearest hundred which would be 3649.

Round the number 3482751 to thousands?

3482751 rounded to the thousands is 3483000.

What is a rounding frame in math?

A rounding frame is just this. Say the number you are supposed to round is 29. 30 29 20 30 is the number you need to round to. The higher number is always on top and the lower number is always on bottom. It is the same with hundreds, thousands, millions, exc.

How do you round 129801 to the nearest thousand?

You look at the figure in the hundreds position. It is an 8. That causes a round up for the the thousands, so you get 130000 as the answer.

What is round the number 35825 to the nearest hundreds?