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Q: What number has 1 thousand 4 more hundreds than thousands1 more ten then thousandsand 5 more ones then tens?
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What number has 7thousand3 fewer hundreds than thousands 3 fewer tens than thousandsand 3 more ones than tens?

It is 7414

What number has 7 thousands1 fewer hundred than thousands 2 fewer tens than hundreds and 3 fewer ones than tens?


How much is hundreds of thousands?

It is simply an unspecified number of hundreds of thousands!

What number is 100 hundreds?

10,000 Ten-thousand

How do you rename the number 760 hundreds?

Seventy-six thousand. 760 hundreds would be 760x100 = 76,000

What is the value of 3 in 4325.9?

It represents the number of hundreds, when there are not enough hundreds around to make up another thousand.

What number has 1 thousand the same number of hundreds as thousands 8 more tens than thousands and 2 more ones than hundreds?

The number is 1193.

What is a seven digit number called?

Telephone Number? Or do you mean, units, tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousand, one hundred thousand and a million?

How many hundreds are equivalent to 30 hundreds?

Hundreds and hundreds are the same thing. If you are looking for this number in figures, this would be equal to 3,000 - more commonly pronounced three thousand.

Which is larger 6 thousand or 61 hundred?

61 hundred = 6,100 therefore it is the larger number.

How do you write 168 thousand 15 hundreds in the following figures?

To write the numbers 168 thousand 15 hundreds into a number, it would be 169,500. There is another ways to write it depending on if you want decimals, 168,00.15.

How many hundreds are there in number 2569?

There is 25 (or, just 5) hundreds in the number: TH H T U (thousand, hundred, tens, units) 2 5 6 9