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Q: What number is the ones digit three times the tens digit and both digits are even?
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What 2 digit number is three times the sum of its digits?


You are a three digit even number all your digits add up to 12 the product of your digits is 0 my hundreds digit is twice times your ones digit what are you?


In a two-digit number the first digit is 5 less than the second digit. The number itself is three times the sum of its digits. What is the number?


Start with a three-digit number in which the digits are all different Use the digits to make all possible two-digit numbers and obtain their sum Investigate?

The sum is 22 times the sum of the three digits.

Find a number of two digit is equal two three times the sum of digits?


What is a two digit composite number One of your digits is worth three times as much as the other digits Double you is less than 100 you are not divisible by three What are you?

it is 10

What is the number if there is a 4 digits number and no number is repeated The digit in the tens place is three times the digit in the thousand place. The sum of the digits in the number is 27?

38977 is in ones place9 is in tens place (and is three times the number in thousands place)8 is in the hundreds place3 is in the thousands place7+9+8+3=27

What is the greatest possible 9-digit number that uses each of the digits 1-3 three times?


How many three digits can be formed from the digits 0 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 if each digits can be used only once?

The first digit has to be in the set [1-6] because, if it were zero, it would not be a three digit number. The number of combinations, not using duplicates, of three numbers from the set [0-6] is 6 times 6 times 5, or 180.

You are a two-digit number your tens digit is 3 times your ones digit The sum of your digits is 12 What number are you?


What is a number between 75 and 100 whose tens digit is three times the ones digit and the sum of the digits is five and the hundreds digit and the ones digit are the same?

There is no number. 100 is the only one that has a hundreds digit. It's impossible.

How can you tell before you divide if the quotient will have two or three digits?

Mental math like if 12 into 72 it will not be a double digit if you divide 100 by 10 it will be double digits. Most times if you have a tripple digit number and divide it by double digit the answer will be a double digit.