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5. There are 5 wholes in 15 1/3's

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Q: What number is the same as fifteen thirds?
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How many thirds are in fifteen?

There are 45 thirds in fifteen.

What is the mixed number for fifteen and two-thirds?

If you write it as 15 2/3, that is a mixed fraction.

Can fifteen sixty-thirds be divisible by any number?

Try 3. 5/21

What is two thirds of fifteen?


How do you spell 15.00?

15.00 is the same as 15 = fifteen

What is two thirds times fifteen?


What is fifteen divided by one and two thirds?

That's the same as 15 x 3/5 = 45/5 = 9

What is two thirds of fifteen thousand?

ten thousand

What is fifteen and two thirds in decimal?

15.6666 repeating

What is two thirds divided by fifteen?


What is 2 thirds of fifteen?

2/3 of 15 is 10.

What is two thirds multiplied by fifteen?


What is fifteen thirty-thirds in simplest form?


What is four thirds multiplied by fifteen sixteenths?

one and one-forths

What is six less than a number is negative fifteen in words?

In words, the same idea could be expressed as: "Six less than a number is negative fifteen".

What is one half of a number added to two thirds of the same number if it equals 21?


Is four two-thirds of fifteen?

No, 10 is 2/3 of 15.

What is two thirds of sixty what is 50 percent of the same number?

40 20

What is fifteen in a half times two and two thirds?

15.5 x 2.666666667 = 41.3

Is seven fourths the same number as 2 and one thirds?

no, it is 1 3/4

What is 1 and two-thirds times fifteen over four?

six and one fourth

What is twelve and two thirds times fifteen?

It is: 12 and 2/3 times 15 = 190

What is five and one sixth divided by two and two thirds?

One and fifteen over sixteen.

How is seven thirds compare to two and one thirds?

The same

What is 15 divided by two thirds?

In short, fifteen divided by two-thirds is 22.5. Fifteen divided by two-thirds is the same as the following equation: 15 / (2/3) Since any divisor may be represented by multiplying the inverse, the equation is transformed as follows: 15 / (2/3) = 15 * (3/2) If we transform the 15 to a fraction, we get the following equation: 15 3 45 1 ----- * ----- = ----- = 22 ----- = 22.5 1 2 2 2