What number is yielded when multiplying two numbers?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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a product

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Q: What number is yielded when multiplying two numbers?
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Which numbers when multiplied by 5 gives an odd numbers?

Every odd number. Multiplying two even numbers gives an even number. Multiplying an odd and an even number gives an even number. Multiplying two odd numbers gives an odd number.

How is multiplying a decimal by a whole number the same as multiplying 2 whole numbers?

It is not. When multiplying two whole numbers you need not be concerned about placing the decimal point in the answer.

When multiplying two numbers with different signs the result will be?

Multiplying a positive and negative number will give a negative result. The result is a negative number.

What is the result obtained by multiplying 2 numbers?

The double of the number you multiplied to two

How do you multiple and divide positive and negative integers?

multiplying and dividing a negative number will "flip" the sign of the other number. So multiplying two negative numbers will produce a positive number. Multiplying one positive and one negative number will produce a negative. And of course two positive numbers yield a positive.

What does it mean to multiply a fraction?

You are just multiPlying the top two number then the bottom two numbers

What is a number that results from multiplying a particular number with any other number?

the number that results is a PRODUCT. multiplying any two figures will always result in a product of those two figures as such multiplying a PARTICULAR NUMBER by ANY NUMBER does not change anything, they still result in a PRODUCT of those two numbers.

When you multiply a negative number by a negative number is the number positive or negative?

Positive A simple rule to remember this is when multiplying two numbers with the same sign, the result is ALWAYS positive. When multiplying two numbers with different signs, the results is ALWAYS negative.

What two numbers add together to make a cube number?

Cubes of numbers are made by multiplying a number by itself three times.

How many significant figures are needed when multiplying two numbers?

It depends on the number of significant figures from two numbers you are multiplying. But when multiplying you use the same number of significant figures from the numbers you are multiplying with the LEAST number of significant figures. Example: 92,873.239 * 2 = 200,000 (because the number 2 has only 1 significant figure even tho 92,873.239 has 8 significant figures your answer still only has 1 significant figure)

What numbers are closed under multiplication?

Yes: Multiplying any two counting numbers will produce a counting number.

What is product of two numbers?

The product of two numbers is the answer to multiplying the two numbers together.