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-20 + 36 = 16

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Q: What number should be added to 36 to get a sum of 16?
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What number should be added to 8 to get a sum of -8?


The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 16 if the digits were reversed and the new number were added to the original number the sum would be 176 find?


The sum of 16 and a number?

16 + x = y

The sum of a number and -16 algegraic?


What twice the sum of 16 and a number is the same as that number increased by 36.5 find the number?

The question cannot be answered because it is ambiguous. Does "twice the sum of 16 and a number" mean "2*16 + x" or does it mean "2*(16 + x)"

What is the number if the square of the sum of a number and 3 is 16?

The number is 1.

If 3 is added to a number then the sum is multiplied by 4 and the result is 16 what is the number?

Let x be a number. 16=(3+x)*4 16=12+4x 16-12=12+4x-12 4=4x 4/4=4x/4 1=x Therefore a number is 1.

The sum of a number and 9 is 16 Find the number?


When The sum of a number and four is the same as twenty?

Then the number is 16

What is the sum when 16 is added to -9?


What is the smallest square number that is the sum of two square numbersfind two squares numbers whose sum is a square number?

25 is a square number, and the sum of 9 and 16 is 25. 9 and 16 are also square numbers.

What number is a factor of 32 and its sum is odd?

1 and 16 are factors of 32 and their sum is 17 which is an odd number

What number is the product of 16 and the sum of 20?

A single number cannot have a sum or a product - a sum or product is used to compare two or more numbers.

Is the number 16 an abundant number?

No because a abundant # is a number where the sum of its proper factors is greater than itself. 16 is not an abundant number because the sum of its proper factors is (15) less than itself.

What two negative numbers added together equal 16?

The sum of two negative numbers will be more negative than either one of them. The sum cannot, therefore, be 16.

What 2 whole numbers have a sum of 77 when added to 3?


What number is a factor of 96 and 144 and its digits sum to seven?

The number is 16.

What number is a square number the sum of its digits is 7 and the difference is 5?


Is the sum of 16 and 25 even or odd?

16+25 = 41 which is an odd number and also a prime number

The sum of two numbers is 28 and the difference is 4 what is the number?

16 and 12

What is the sum of the 5th prime number and the 5th Fibonacci number?

The 5th prime number is 11, and the 5th Fibonacci number is 5.The sum will be 11 + 5 = 16

What even number is not the sum of two primes?


When adding a positive number and a negative numbers the sum going to be greater than or less than the positive number?

The sum is less than the positive number. Example: 16 + -3= 13. As you can see 13 is less than 16 so the sum is less than the positive number.

You are a 2 digit number whose sum is 8 and product is 16 What number are you?


What do the numbers 255 70 16 added together make?

Adding 255 to 70 gives you a sum of 325. Adding 16 to the sum of 325 gives you a total sum of 341. To verify your answer, you can add the three numbers together on a calculator.