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prime numbers

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Q: What numbers cant you make by multiplying prime numbers?
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How do you make 286 by multiplying three prime numbers?

286 = 2 x 11 x 13

How do you write 23 as a prime number?

23 is a prime number. Prime numbers are numbers that when multiplying only 1 and itself make it. Nothing but 1 and 23 equals 23 so 23 is a prime number.

How do you make prime numbers?

you cant make them it is any number that can not be divided by anything except itself.

How do you make 24 a prime number?

You cant make even numbers prime, unless it is a trick question, in which case i doubt it has much to do with math.

What 2 prime numbers 30?

No two prime numbers can make 30.No two prime numbers can make 30.No two prime numbers can make 30.No two prime numbers can make 30.

What is the difference between prime factors and prime factorization?

Prime factors are prime numbers that are multiplied with other numbers (taht could possibly be prime) to make a product. Prime factorisation is the process of finding the prime numbers that create another number when they are multiplied together. Example of Prime Factorisation: 20 2x10 2x2x5 The prime factors found are 2,2, and 5. When multiplying these together, you will get 20. The process of finding these prime numbers is called factorisation.

How is multiplying mixed numbers different than multiplying fractions?

if you have mixed numbers you make them into improper fractions before you multiply

Why can you make several different factor trees for some numbers but only one or two factor trees for other numbers?

Bigger numbers make bigger factor trees, and of course there are prime numbers which cant be factored at all

How do logarithms make scientific calculations easier?

Adding the logs of numbers is equivalent to multiplying the numbers. People think adding is easier than multiplying.

How do you make 40 out of multiplying exponents in numbers?

40 = 23*5

What numbers make 56 prime?

Numbers cannot "make" another number prime. If you are looking for the prime factorization of 56, it is 23 * 7.

What is the definition of prime factorization?

The prime factors of a number by multiplying each other. You can also use exponents. a prime factorization is when you divide a number and see what all of the prime (odd) numbers make up that number. EX. 9 / \ 3 3 then you would circle the 3's because they are prime.

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