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Q: What numbers should you multiply if an item is on sale for forty percent off the regular price in order to determine the amount of discount?
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How much is 20 percent discount?

Multiply the price by 0.2 to get the amount of the discount. Multiply the price by 0.8 if you want to know the after sale price.

How do you calculate 20 percent discount?

The quickest way is to multiply the full price by 0.2 That is the amount of the discount.

What is 25 percent of equals?

To determine what 25 percent of a number is, multiply the number by 0.25

How do you find 20 percent of a numbers?

multiply it by 0.2

How do you calculate sale price if marked price and percent discount is given?

How to calculate sale price if marked price and percent discount are given:First change the percent discount to a decimal.You then multiply the percent discount in decimal form by the marked price.Finally, you subtract the answer from the multiplication problem from the marked price, and get your final answer!

How do you calculate a discount?

I always use a factor of ten. Assume no matter what the discount is it is ten percent to find a ten percent discount just move the decimal point one space to the left, then take that number and subtract it from the original cost. Then in order to find a different percent discount just multiply the ten percent discount by the percent discount you are looking for, but move the decimal one space to the left again, and subtract that from the original cost. Example: something that costs $45 is on sale for 25% off. A ten percent discount would be $4.50. Multiply that by 2.5 to get$11.50. Then subtract that from the original cost to get $33.50. P.S. often times if you don't need the exact answer it is easier to round you numbers to get rid of the .5 to make the math easier.

How do you do a math problem with discount?

To find the discount of something, you need to take whatever percent the discount is, turn it into a decimal, and multiply it by the price of the discounted item. Example: You want to buy something that is $10.00 The item has a 25% discount. take 10 and multiply it by .25 Discount: $2.50

How do you determine 15 percent off?

Take your number and multiply by .85

How do you find the percent increase?

you have to multiply both numbers then by a 100 to get your answer -_______-

What is 30 percent discount on 47.50?

All you need to do to calculate percentages is multiply the decimal form of the percent to any number. In this case, you would multiply 0.3 by 47.5 and get 14.25.

How do you increase your column of numbers all by 2.4 percent?

Multiply all the numbers by 1.024

How do you find percent of disscount?

Discount divided by original price gives you a decimal which you then multiply by 100. This equals percent of discount Eg: $15 discount, $80 original price 15 / 80 = 0.1875 x 100 = 18.75%

When the discount percent is given with the amount saved how do you find the original price?

Take the amount saved, divide it by discount percentage then multiply the result by 100.

How do you make numbers into a percent?

Multiply the number by 100 and add the % sign.

Describe a procedure for finding the price of a discounted item if you know the percent of the discount?

If your item is 50 dollars and the discount is 10 percent, you can divide 50 by 10 which would be five dollars off. It the discount is 20 percent, you can take 5 times 2 which would be 10 dollars off. Always begin by figuring out a 10 percent discount and multiply from there.

How much will you save if you buy an item listed at 5.75.50 at a 30 percent discount?

Numbers with two decimal points scare me. Whatever the original price was, multiply it by 0.3 to find out how much you'll save. Multiply it by 0.7 to find out the new price.

What is percent of discount?

Percent of discount is the percentage of a whole price that is taken off as a discount.

What is 30 percent percent discount of 10.97?

3.29 is 30 percent percent discount of 10.97.

How do you make numbers in to a percent?

Multiply the number by 100 and add a percentage sign.

How do you determine Percent of change between two numbers?

Step 1: Take the old value and subtract it from the new value, then divide by the old value. Step 2: Multiply by 100. That number represents the percent change.

A pair of pants with a marked price of 35 has a discount of 20 percent how much is the discount?

the answer is $7.00. turn 20% to a decimal .20 multiply $35.00 by .20 and you will get 7

Which is a greater discount 25 percent or 70 percent?

70 percent is the greater discount.

How do you find the discount?

Convert the discount into a decimal equivalent by removing the percent sign and placing the decimal 2 places to the left of the number in front of the percent sign. (25% = .25; 5% = .05, etc.). Then multiply the number that you want to find the discount for by the decimal equivalent. Example: to find how much 250 with a 15% discount is, multiply 250 x .15 (250 x .15 = 37.50).

What is 60 percent off of 82 dollars?

For Percent Off, calculate the 60% on the original amount. This is the amount of the discount. Then subtract from the original, to get the final price. Or you can do (100% - discount%) then multiply that by the original, to get the final. So in this case: 100% - 60% = 40%. So multiply 0.40 x 82 = 32.80

If Sell-Mart is selling a CD for 15.99 What amount of discount will Janet receive if the CD is on sale at 20 percent off?

To find the discount multiply $15.99 by .20 (20%), which equals $3,20. Her discount is $3.20.

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