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How to calculate sale price if marked price and percent discount are given:

  1. First change the percent discount to a decimal.
  2. You then multiply the percent discount in decimal form by the marked price.
  3. Finally, you subtract the answer from the multiplication problem from the marked price, and get your final answer!
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Q: How do you calculate sale price if marked price and percent discount is given?
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How do you calculate marked price price if sale price and percent discount is given?

Suppose percent discount is D. Then Marked Price = Sale Price/(1-D/100)

What is the discount when 10 percent is given on a cost price of 500?

discount =50

What is the formulae of cp if profit and discount percent is given?

if profit , discount % and cost price is given write the formulae to fine cost price

How do you calculate original price if iam given the discount and the on sale price?

Original price = Sale price + Discount amount

If Susie paid e dollars for a wallet after she was given 20 percent discount What was the original cost of the wallet?

If she paid 'e' dollars after a 20% discount, it means she paid only 80% of the original cost. To calculate the original, we divide by that. e/0.80 = 1.25e.

How you calculate cost price if sale price and discount given?

Cp = sp/d

When the discount percent is given with the amount saved how do you find the original price?

Take the amount saved, divide it by discount percentage then multiply the result by 100.

How do you calculate retail when the cost and markup percent is given?

Retail = cost*(1+markup/100)

Meaning of simple discount?

It is discount given by the seller.

How do you calculate 30 percent discount?

The formula for discount calculations is:Price x .Percentage = discountThen you subtract the discount from the price.(Don't forget the decimal).So, you would do this:Price x .30 = DiscountPrice - DiscountExample:Let's say you want to buy a pair of trousers for £40 and you are given a 30% discount.£40 x .30 = £12 discount£40 - £12 = £28You would pay £28 after the 30% discount on a £40 pair of trousers.

When a discount is 10 percent is given on on an item being sold at a profit of 20 percent on the cost price the sales volume trebles what is the ratio of new profit to original profit?


What is the formula to calculate split times?

The formula to calculate split times is given by percent of time= (2-4*phi)* (percent of distance) ^2 + ((4*phi)-1) *percent of distance). Positive splits and negative splits are the two types of splits.