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Multiplication and addition.

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Q: What operations are involved in the expressions 2x plus 7 and 3x plus 6?
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Related questions

What is the factor of the polynomial expressions of 4x2 plus 22x?

It is: 2x(2x+11)

Solve how x 4 when 12 plus 9 -2x?

There appears to be no equation in the question: only some disjoint expressions. Expressions cannot be solved.

What are the solutions to -x squared plus 2x plus 4 and x-2?

These are two expressions, not equations. Expressions do not have solutions, only equations do. NB equations include the equals sign.

Two linear expressions with a sum of -5x plus 4?

Two linear expressions with a sum of -5x plus 4 are ( -5x + 4 ) and ( 4 - 5x).

What are two expressions that are equivalent to 8 plus 2x?

(16 + 4x)/2 2(4 + x)

Which of the lines does not intersect the line y -2x plus 3 a y 2x b y 2x-3 c y 2x plus 3 d y -2x-3?

Without any equality signs the given expressions can't be considered to be straight line equations but in general parallel straight line equations will have the same slope but different y intercepts.

What is 2x with the exponent 2 plus 3x plus 1. what is 7n with the exponent 2 plus 9n plus 2. what is 3x with the exponent 2 plus 8x plus 5. what is 7y with the exponent 2 plus 19y plus 10?

The first and third are quadratic expressions in x, the second is a quadratic expressions in n, and the fourth is a quadratic expressions in y. None of them are equations so cannot be solved.

What is the factor of the polynomial expressions of 2x 16?

Depending on the missing operational sign, that would be 2(x plus or minus 8)

What is the gcf for 2x plus 10?

You need at least two expressions to find something in common between them. The GCF of 2x and 10 is 2.

What 5 expressions are equivalent to 8x plus 16?

2(4x+8) 4(2x+4) 8(x+2)

What is 2x plus x plus 2x plus x?

2x + x + 2x + x = 6x

What is 2x-1 plus 2x-1 plus 2x-1 plus 2x-1?


Do the equations 2x plus 4y9 and -4x-8y4 have a solution?

No because without any equality signs the given expressions can't be considered to be equations

What is the GCF of 3x squared plus 2x - 5?

3x2 has x, x2 , and 3 as factors. 2x-5 does not have any of those as factors. So the greatest common factor is 1. If you were adding rational expressions with those two expressions in the denominator, you would need to multiply them together to find the least common denominator.

What is the answer to 3x plus 2x-8x plus 2x?

3x + 2x - 8x + 2x = -x

Factor 2x squared plus 2x plus xy plus y?

2x squared plus 2x plus xy plus y or 2x(x+1) + y(x+1) or (x+1)(2x+y)

2x plus 2x plus 2x equals 6?


How are equivalent expressions used?

You can use them to find a variable. Lets say you have two equivalent expressions with the same variable... x + 2x - 42 = 0 2x - 28 = 0 If you combine these equivalent expressions you ahve... x + 2x - 42 = 2x - 28 In all of the expressions you have x = 7 There are also other applications but its confusing to explain.

What is 2x plus -2x?

It is 2x+(-2x) = 0

What is the LCM of 2x plus y and 2x plus y?

The LCM is 2x + y

What is -2x plus 6 plus 22?

-2x + 6 + 22 = -2x + 28

Which value satisfies the inequality -2x plus 8 plus 5x 2x plus 1?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "is less than", "is greater than". The question contains two expressions but there is no visible symbol between 5x and 2x so that there is no inequality that can be solved.

4-2x plus 7 plus 1 plus 2x plus 2?


Ranger wants to verify that the expression8x โ€“ 20 is the correct simplified expression for 4(2x โ€“ 5). Explain how to verify the simplified expression?

Sample Answer: To verify, a number needs to be substituted for x in both expressions. Use order of operations to simplify and find the value. The value needs to be the same for both expressions to prove equivalence.

What is 6 plus 2x plus 5 simplified?

6 + 2x + 5 = 11 + 2x