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A rhombus is the only shape besides a square that can have equal sides.

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Q: What other shapes has four sides and they are all equal?
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Which four- sides shapes have all their sides equal?

A Square

What shapes have four sides of equal length?


Is a square a rhombus with 4 equal sides?

No, both shapes have all four sides equal.

Which shapes has four sides and four corners and all four sides are equal?

It is a square as square has 4 sides and all of them are equal. Also it has 4 corners.

Four equal sides?

Four equal sides make up a square. The sides may be any size, as long as they are equal. A square is one of the most basic shapes.

How many shapes have all equal side lengths?

Four sides

What two shapes have four equal sides?

A square and a diamond

What shape has 4 sides and those sides are equal?

Some shapes having four equal sides include rhombus, square, diamond, parallelogram with four equal sides, and oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram.

What is a four sided polygon called that does not have equal sides?

There are many such shapes and there is no specific name.

How is a sqare similar to a rhombus?

In both shapes, all four sides are of equal length.

Describe why a square is always a rhombus but a rhombus is not always a square?

A rhombus is a polygon with four equal sides. A square is a polygon with four equal sides and four right angles. A rhombus cannot always be a square because many shapes have four equal sides.

Shapes with 4 sides?

Shapes that have four sides are known as quadrilaterals.

How do you no if you shape is a squre?

A square will have 4 sides that are all the same length, and 4 angles that are 90 degrees each. Other shapes will have 4 sides, but they may be of different lengths. Other shapes will have 4 equal sides, but not 4 angles of 90 degrees.

A shape that has 4 sides?

Shapes that have four straight sides are quadrilaterals. Squares, rectangles, and trapezoids are shapes that have four sides. A rhombus also has four sides.

What shapes have 4 equal sides?

A square and a rhombus both have four equal sides....... if u don't believe me go to google and look it up

What is special about a square?

Its all sides r equal. What differentiates a square from other shapes is that it has four sides of equal lengths and four identical interior angles of 90 degrees each. It is unique. The term for all sides being of equal length is equalateral. And the term for all angles being of equal measurement is equalangular.

Which shapes has uneven four sides?

A quadrilateral can have uneven four sides

What are the two basics types of shapes and how are they different?

Two different types of shapes would be a circle and a square. they differ from each other in the fact that a circle's shape is perpetual as a square has four equal sides and four corners.

What always has four sides?

Quadrilaterals are shapes that always have four (4) sides

What is a group of shapes with more than 4 sides called?

There is no special name that distinguishes shapes with more than four sides from shapes with four or fewer.

How many equal sides does rectangle have?

A rectangle has two pairs of equal sides. In a rectangle, the equal sides are opposite of each other. A square has four equal sides.

What figure has four equal sides and other four faces are triangles?


How many shapes have four sides?


If a quadrilateral is equilateral then it is a rectangle?

A quadrilateral has four sides, and the fact that it is equilateral means the sides all have the same length, so the only possible shapes with four sides of equal length are a square and a rhombus.

What do quadrilaterals have that other shapes don't?

Four sides, four angles, the same sum for external and internal angles.