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Q: What shapes have four sides of equal length?
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How is a sqare similar to a rhombus?

In both shapes, all four sides are of equal length.

How many shapes have all equal sides lengths?

An infinite number. A polygon with any number of sides can be equilateral (ie have sides of equal length).

What has four sides of equal length?

A Square has four equal length sides

If a quadrilateral is equilateral then it is a rectangle?

A quadrilateral has four sides, and the fact that it is equilateral means the sides all have the same length, so the only possible shapes with four sides of equal length are a square and a rhombus.

Which four- sides shapes have all their sides equal?

A Square

Are all sided shapes parallelograms?

No. Parallelograms have only 4 sides with 2 sets of parallel sides: they include squares, rectangles, and rhombuses (rhombi, diamond shapes). Because opposite angles are equal, each pair of parallel sides is equal in length. (For squares and "equilateral rhombi" all four sides are equal in length.)

Has 4 sides of equal length?

A square has four sides of equal length!

Is a square a rhombus with 4 equal sides?

No, both shapes have all four sides equal.

What is the main difference between squares and rectangles?

Squares have four sides of equal length. In rectangles, the opposite sides are equal to one another. In both shapes, the internal angles are all 90°.

Which shapes has four sides and four corners and all four sides are equal?

It is a square as square has 4 sides and all of them are equal. Also it has 4 corners.

A rectangle having all four sides of equal length?

A rectangle having all four sides as an equal single length is a square.

Four equal sides?

Four equal sides make up a square. The sides may be any size, as long as they are equal. A square is one of the most basic shapes.