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It is a square as square has 4 sides and all of them are equal. Also it has 4 corners.

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Q: Which shapes has four sides and four corners and all four sides are equal?
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Name four shapes with four sides and four corners?

The shapes that I can think of are a square, rectangle, rhombus and a diamond

What shape has got 4 corners but not all equal sides?

A QUADRILATERAL has four corners and four sides, along with four angles. These do not need to be congruent (equal) but they can be.

Which four- sides shapes have all their sides equal?

A Square

What shapes have four sides of equal length?


Is a square a rhombus with 4 equal sides?

No, both shapes have all four sides equal.

What are the two basics types of shapes and how are they different?

Two different types of shapes would be a circle and a square. they differ from each other in the fact that a circle's shape is perpetual as a square has four equal sides and four corners.

How many corners has a Carre?

Carré is square in french and a square has four equal sides so it alo has four corners.

What shape has four square corners but sides that are not all equal?


How are a rhombus and square alike?

Well they both have four sides. Both are plane shapes (flat; in two dimensions). Both have four equal sides. All that is different is that a rhombus doesn't have to have four equal angles in its corners (even though it can, in which case, that rhombus is also a square).

How many sides and corners are there in a square?

four sides and four corners

Four equal sides?

Four equal sides make up a square. The sides may be any size, as long as they are equal. A square is one of the most basic shapes.

What other shapes has four sides and they are all equal?

A rhombus is the only shape besides a square that can have equal sides.

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