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Q: What part of an hour is 15minutes?
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What fraction of an hour is 15minutes?

One quarter.

What fraction is 15minutes of an hour?


How long is the Push movie?

it is an hour and 15minutes long

How long does it take to travel 212 mile at 65 miles an hour?

3hours 15minutes 41.5seconds (rounded)

Is 1 hour 15minutes an improper fraction?

In the context of a day, it is not: it is a proper fraction. In the context of an hour it is. In the context of minutes, it is not.

How long does it take to travel 17 miles going 65 miles per hour?

17/65 = 0.26154 hour (rounded) = 15minutes 41.5seconds (rounded)

How long does it take to drive 525 miles?

If you drive at 60mph (miles per hour) it should take about 3hours and 15minutes

If travelling 80km an hour how long does it take to travel 500km?

500/80 = 6.25 hours = 6hours 15minutes

How long does it take to go 25 miles at a speed of 100mph?

15minutes. 100/25=4. 60minutes / 4 = 15minutes

How many miles from Hot springs NC to Pigeon Forge TN?

Google maps shows the distance as 53.7 miles, with a driving time of 1 hour 15minutes.

How long does it take to boil sweet potatoes?


How many hours is 4500 seconds?

3,600 seconds = 1 hour4,500 seconds = 1.25 hours = 1hour 15minutes

How many minutes in 4 hours 15minutes?

255 minutes.

What time to transfer frozen food after delivery?

Within 15minutes

What is flight time to alicante from London gatwick?

2hrs 15minutes :)

How long do you excirsies?

30mins on the crosstrainer and 15minutes weight training

How long does it take to jailbreak an iPhone?

Depending on your PC. I did it in 15minutes.

How long does it take to boil 1 cup of water in the microwave?


Is 2.5 hours 15minutes?

NO.It's 150 minutes. :(

What is 6hours and 15minutes written in decimals?

6.25 hours or 375.0 minutes

What is the distance from bankstown to sydney airport?

Around 15minutes, if you catch the m5

What part of speech is hour?

Hour is a noun.

Minute is to hour as second is to?

minute. Minute is part of and hour. Second is part of a minute.

How long does it take to drive 375 miles at 60 mph?

If you drive at a constant speed of 60 miles per hour for 6 hours and 15 minutes you will have traveled exactly 375 miles. So the answer is 6hours 15minutes

What are the nursing interventions following paracentesis?

monitor vital signs every 15minutes for 1 hour. measure abdominal girth and patient weight before and after procedure. document amount, color, odor, viscosity, reassure patient

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