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It means what is the total of the cost.

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Q: What part of the expression is the price of the item?
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What part of the expression is the price of the item for 6 x 12 - 4?

The answer to the math equation of 6 x 12 - 4 is 68.

What does net price mean?

The net price is the price of an item before taxes are charged on the item. The price of an item after the tax is added on is called the gross price.

What is the definition of regular price?

The regular price of an item is the non-sale price of that item.

If you sold an item for 20.00 and included sales tax and your sales tax rate is 7.3 what was the item price before sales tax?

The easiest way to understand the answer is to turn it around. If you wanted to calculate the item price plus tax, you would multiply the item price by 1.073. So, to back up to the item price from the item price plus tax, divide the item price plus tax by 1.073. $20.00 / 1.073 = item price before sales tax.

What is the purpose of the Law of Demand?

The "law of demand" is part of an economic equation that dictates the overall worth and value of a commodity. When an item is in high demand the price will increase, when the demand for an item decreases so will the price.

The amount the price of an item is increased above the price the store paid for the item?

Mark up

What happens if the price of item a increases?

If the price of an item is increased, it is up to the customer to decide whether or not to buy the item.

What is a partial refund of the purchase price of an item?

That means that part of the money you paid is given back.

What Another name for a item at discounted price?

items on reduced price, or low price item. Sale price, loss leader, offer price.

How do you buy items that has no price on roblox?

You can't buy items that have no price, if a item has no price it means its come offsale or its a contest item.

The price of a single item or amount?

The price of a single item will vary depending on the item, and half the value of two items. The amount of the item will be one because it is a single item. If there are two single items the amount will be doubled and will be worth twice the amount of a single item. In most cases if not all, a single item is worth about one third of the price of three items even if you buy one and get one free. If you get two for the price of one the single item amount will be two but the price will be one.

What is the minimum listing price of an item in an eBay Store?

There is no minimum listing price for single item listings.

What is the relationship between the price of an item and the quantity demanded?

It is a direct relationship. As demand for an item rises, all else equal, price for an item will rise.

What is app where I can take a picture of an item and search the price?

The eBay mobile app can take a picture of an item and can also enable you search for the price of the item.

What is a backreference?

In computing, a backreference is an item in a regular expression equivalent to the text matched by an earlier pattern in the expression.

When does the price of an item increase?

when the item gets more rare

What happens when the price of item a increases?

the supply of the item will decrease

When demand for an item decreases and the supply increases the price of the item will likely?

The price of the item will likely decrease - as there're more stock than demand for the product.

What is an asking price?

An asking price is a list price or sticker price of an item, with no discounts or incentives.

How do you sell?

You offer something for sale to customers at a price. When a customer comes along and offers to purchase the item, they pay you the price or a price they negotiate with you and take the item.

What is the item price?


At a store they cut the price 40 for a particular item By what percent must the item be increased if you wanted to sell it at the original price?

An item that has been reduced 40 percent off the retail price will need to be increased by almost 66.7 percent of the sale price to return to the original retail price.

What data type is used for an item price?

for item price in C, we use float data type.

How do you price an item?

To price an item you must calculate the total of production and delivery and find the ROI for the sales of the particular item. From there you will also want to compare competitor pricing of the same product to find a reasonable price for your market.

How is price determined?

Cost of the item + Desired Profit = price.

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