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None. There is no perfect square that, when doubled, equals 60.

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Q: What perfect square times two equals sixty?
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What times 504 equals a perfect square?

504 x 504

What times sixty equals five hundred sixty?

560 divided by 60 equals 9.333...

Twelve times what equals sixty?


What is twelve times sixty?

This equals 720.

What times three equals sixty three?

21 times 3 equals 63

Is one fourth a perfect square?

No, a perfect square is the square of an integer number. Fractions are never a perfect square, as the square of an integer is always another integer.Actually fractions can be perfect squares an example is one ninth, it would be one third times one third which equals one ninth.

How many mm in sixty cm?

One centimeter equals ten millimeters, so sixty centimeters equals six hundred (ten times sixty) millimeters.

What times two equals one hundred sixty four?

Two times eighty four is one hundred and sixty four

What times what times what equals 64?

thirty two times two equals sixty-four. I hoped I helped.

Does one squared number times another equal a third?

One perfect square times another perfect square does produce a third perfect square.

Why is one a perfect square?

Because anything times itself equals a perfect square and is considered that taking the square root of a perfect square (non negative numbers) which end result does not involve fractions but whole numbers is a perfect square. 1 x 1 = 1 sq.root(1) = 1 2 x 2 = 4 (Perfect square) sq.root(4) = 2

Why isn't 28 a square number?

28 is not a perfect square. A perfect square is an integer that is the square of another integer. 9 is a perfect square; it equal to 3 squared, or 3 X 3. Often, such numbers are called simply square numbers. While 28 is not a perfect square, it is a square number in the sense that it has a square root. by definition, the square root of 28 times itself equals 28.

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