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They equal a minus and two +'s or two -'s equal a + :)

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Q: What plus and minus signs mean in correlation mean?
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Does plus minus mean plus?

Same mathematical signs equal plus Different mathematical signs equal minus Plus Plus = Plus (+)(+) = + Minus Minus = Plus (-)(-) = + Plus Minus = Minus (+)(-) = - Minus Plus = Minus (-)(+) = - So the direct answer to your question would be: plus minus equals minus

Why is minus into minus a plus?

Because both minus signs to be cut therefore minus * minus will be treated as plus numbers

What century did mathematician first used plus and minus signs?

Mathematicians first used the plus and minus signs in the sixteenth century.

What is an expression that are set apart by plus or minus signs?

Terms are in expressions that separate by plus or minus signs. The answer is TERMS.

What is the plus and minus signs in NBA standing?


What are the two signs of angle?

Plus and minus.

What do the plus and minus signs in Windows Explorer mean?

The plus and minus signs to the left of directory names in Windows Explorer indicate if the directory (or object) contains sub-directories (or sub-objects). The plus sign indicates that sub objects exist but are not shown, while the minus sign indicates that sub objects exist and are shown. Clicking on the plus or minus sign reverses the displayed state of the object.

What does Correlation of plus 1.00 mean?

It mean that there is no correlation between the two variables. The variables are the same.

What does a plus with a minus under it mean math?

A plus with a minus under it means "plus or minus" in math.

What are the signs symbols found in keyboard?

plus and minus

Do two plus signs make a minus?

In addition and subtraction, if the plus sign is larger than the minus sign, then it's a plus. For example: +10 minus -20 = -10 If the plus sign is smaller than the minus sign, the answer will be a minus. For example: -10 minus + 20 = -10 In multiplication, if you have 2 plus signs, the answer will be a plus sign. If you have 2 minus signs, the answer will be a plus sign then, too. But if you have a plus and a minus sign, then the answer will be a minus. For example: +5 x + 2 = +10 -5 x - 2 = +10 -5 x +2 = -10

What is a plus times a plus?

A plus times a plus is still a plus. Below is the way I remembered it: If there is not a minus sign, it is plus (positive). If there is 1 minus sign, it is minus (negative). If there are 2 minus signs, it is plus (positive).

The plus and minus signs in math were initially used in?


What can you ignore when you calculate percent error?

plus and minus signs

Who introduced the plus and minus signs?

Michael Stifel in 1544.

Can linear equations have minus signs instead of plus signs?

Yes, and it would be a negative slope.

When you calculate percent error you can ignore the?

Plus and Minus Signs

What does a plus add a minus equal?

When you have two different signs together (a plus and a minus) the minus takes precedence (the minus "wins"). So, for example, 9 + -3 = 9 - 3 = 6.

What is the plus and minus signs on electrical equipment represent what markings?


What does the plus over the minus sign mean?

plus or minus. You see it often with square roots. The square root of 9 is plus or minus 3.

Why Two like signs become a positive sign?

Perhaps you mean minus minus one is plus one. Like subtracting (taking away) a debt is equivalent to adding on. If you bank balance is two dollars in the red (debt) if you add 2 dollars, that debt has gone. minus 2 minus minus 2 is zero, same as minus 2 plus 2 is zero.

The plus and the minus signs in math were initially used in what year?

In the year of 1544.

What is a historical event that happened in 1489 in math?

plus and minus signs were invented

When using excel software the plus and minus signs are examples of what?

Mathmaticle operations

What is the collective term for plus minus division and multiplication signs?

Arithmetic operators

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